10 Biggest Makeup Fails Of Famous People Caught On Tape

10 worst celebrity makeup fails on TV and the red carpet.
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Many of us know that putting on makeup is not an easy task. There are so many steps involved on making our faces look right from applying face powder to eyeshadow. We do not deny there is a possible chance that you’ll walk out of the house with your eyeliner uneven or choosing the wrong color shade for your lipstick. It happens to the best of us!

However, can you imagine having your worst makeup moments caught on camera? That’s the life for our celebrities in Hollywood. Walking down the red carpet is a lot more work than you think for these stars. There usually is a team of makeup artists who help stars like Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus look they way they do. Money can’t buy perfection though.

That’s why if one thing goes wrong with your looks, the cameras are not going to hide it. You could only imagine what would a celebrity be feeling as soon as they realize their makeup is a mess. They might forever remember this embarrassing makeup moment thanks to the paparazzi and tabloid publications too. But, it’s the life they life. Here is proof of some of the biggest celebrity makeup disasters from these stars.

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  1. lit nika says:

    rianas makeup was good what yall talking about

  2. It's not loose powder its HD powder. HD looks great on film but reflects in flash photography especially if it is not well blended. You wouldn't see the reflection in real life only in the photos.

  3. Let Go says:

    Avril Lavigne's make up was beautiful, like always. Hater's gonna hate.

  4. Myla Webb says:

    I think if Meester had filled in her brows, it would look better

  5. Delena Fan says:

    I actually liked rihanna

  6. Rock Masters says:

    miley Cyrus makeup it was blended its called flashback

  7. The Rihanna one looked badass tbh…

  8. Cat Girl says:

    ok no Rihanna looked amazing I don't know what you talking about Talko

  9. Lol "Meester" means in dutch "Teacher (male)"

  10. Misaki May says:

    rihanna looks perfect

  11. jajajaja la loca de ledy gaga me dio risa cuando se saco los lentes.

  12. shirnell R says:

    what the hell are you ppl talking about! Rihanna looked amazing! Rihanna can do no wrong when it comes to fashion! lets get it right ppl!

  13. Rihanna looks good though

  14. Avril Lavigne is so cool with those red fake eyelashes along with the glittery cat eye.

  15. Jamie A says:

    bit exaggerated, a little flash back doesnt mean u need to change your make up artist. ever heard of baking. also some of these celebs arent stupid to not see what they look like during make up, infact most chose what's on their face

  16. ShunaTwee 13 says:

    Rihanna's makeup was on FLEEK

  17. Tessa Murray says:

    Rihanna looked amazing tf

  18. Lea 0507 says:

    the powder wasn't even the problem but it had flash back which was probably not known

  19. yami_ 04 says:

    On the thumbnail imagine if kim only put only a little concealer and foundation and maybe a wing that's it not all of that

  20. K x says:

    why's jennifer lawrence's tan not in the list?

  21. Change branch brick climb expert install lift bubble.

  22. Sanjana Kale says:

    Rihanna's makeup was on point tho…….

  23. sometimes I wonder why they wear retarded things

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