10 Makeup Tricks You Need To Stop Doing

From overlined lips to excessive contouring, here are 10 makeup trends that have to stop right now. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Just because a makeup trend is popular, it doesn’t mean it will look good on everyone. In fact, many of the trends that come and go are better left in the hands of makeup pros. If you want to experiment with your own look using different makeup techniques, proceed with caution. Many times, these looks end up being a complete fail. Keep reading to see the makeup and beauty trends that need to be stopped.

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  1. rEbEcKa says:

    So.. Donald Trump applies to much bronzer? oh. I thought her baths in cheetos.

  2. Actually baking is really good for me. It's always turned out really nice

  3. Celly Belly says:

    Hey do you have my face on your body? No exactly! If you rock the look you wear the look you go girl/boy!

  4. Ayee Yoo says:

    This honestly a horribly written and thought out video idea. It's literally just here to be a video, no purpose.

  5. Ayee Yoo says:

    No, do your makeup the way it makes you feel prettiest.

  6. Why'd you show Taylor Momsen? I think she looks gorgeous with her makeup.

  7. You do you. If you want to do it, do it. I think that this video is pointless. The reasen Why people could not do the ombre lips was because "you don't have time" . I do. You should'nt make a video abount What people should and should'nt.

  8. Jade xx says:

    I honestly hate boxy brows

  9. Did you just insult my naturally boxy and thick eyebrows? Wow, ok.

  10. Hallie B. says:

    Lady gahgah? lol what

  11. lizzy claire says:

    Only thing that needs to stop is you telling people what to do.

  12. Lee Smith says:

    Also STEP TF OFF TAYLOR MOMSEN she's hot af with her raccoon eyes yo

  13. Lee Smith says:

    Literally ALL of these things are fine. Just sometimes they're not quite done well.

  14. Lee Smith says:

    "stop doing these things because they don't suit everyone so noone should do it' basically.

  15. Myra A says:

    Ombre lips are easy and fast. I do them on myself and i'm not even great with makeup but theres almost no way to screw them up, anyone has time to do that.

  16. Just calling out one person like Lindsay lohan is pretty low

  17. salem marx says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmm hello I am not giving up my highlight

  18. thinks of drag queens ESPECIALLY TRIXIE MATTEL hmm…

  19. I love how they say don't strobe or highlight but both pics they showed look beautiful

  20. II Lilia II says:

    Really ombré is fine and you're suppose to be creative with your makeup and that's your opinion I like the lips and some of this stuff too so that's just rude so I disliked the vidio

  21. I wish there was a way to downvote a channel

  22. Emme C. says:

    Looks like this stupid woman wants our under eyes to be wrinkly.

    How stupid can people get

  23. Zazoo Flores says:

    you shouldn't do ombre lips cause it takes to long?

  24. what if someone wants to do their makeup this way though? There's nothing to stop people from doing what they want.

  25. kaitlyn says:

    How bout u stfu

  26. Angie says:

    This video triggers me so bad.
    People can do whatever they want.
    That was a really poor choice for a video title .

  27. ummm i like most of these makeup tricks, does anyone agree? think u guys ran out of ideas tbh

  28. 'less is more' blah blah blah let ppl do what they want with themselves. ugh so stupid

  29. Im 53 yrs old. Today The wrinkles fine lines and then some I can no longer wear make-up as I did. I'll also State I was ahead of my time Kim Kardashian and those who wear their make-up like her I used to wear it growing up. I also used to have white Jeans Skin tight and used to kut acrooss the legs from top to bottom. Back in the 1980's like I said I was ahead of the times.

  30. DA-RIZ says:

    People can do what they want. Wishing you all peace and happiness, but my fellow humans do whatever you want as long as you number one: do no harm.

    People can be offended or disagree, but as long as you do no harm, just do you.


  31. It's 2017. Saying someone's highlighter is "blinding" is definitely not an insult. It's the goal.

  32. Jeffree star would be ashamed of you

  33. Lily says:


    Is that supposed to be a bad example? She looks fucking gorgeous.

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