10 PIMPLE Clearing HACKS That Changed My Skin | Ruby Golani

Disclaimer: IN MY BLEMISH BUSTING HACKS / and Pimple emergency skin fixes video I wanted to quickly share with you the products I use on my skin on a daily basis as well as some of my favourite hacks. This routine along with these hacks have been a life saver for me and my skin throughout my battle with teenage and adult acne. The image you see in the thumbnail is an image of my own skin. What am improvement!

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  1. Do anyone know about Fopobiacne Secrets? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people cure their acne naturally with this popular acne remedy.

  2. E M M A says:

    i tried all Avéne products but they weren't so helpful

  3. Puja Sarkar says:

    I bought it today as well,, don't know what will happen !!! I nvr had acne and all .. but now I think it's my hormonal acne.. and the bad thing is I have dry acne pone skin …

  4. I recommend this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) to any person who is suffering from determing the best acne remedies on their own. Our family is affected by acne since then and I have tried numerous acne remedies. Luckily, with the help of this remarkable guide, acne was cured and growth was stopped.

  5. Zzz Yyy says:

    Your skin really looks very good

  6. selin cb says:

    please helpp ! i have acne but really dry skin and i wanted to buy thie avene thing but they say its for oily face. i'm scared that its gonna dry my face much more

  7. Cat MeNot says:

    Just another promo commercial…

  8. 2MuchTrash _ says:

    Thank you! For this video. Honestly this video just inspires me. Your skin is beautiful and glowing. ALSO THANKS FOR THE HACKS IM GOING TO TRY THEM

  9. im not trying to hate or anything, but we all know products that will help our skin, but we all come to youtube to find natural things and lets be honest we all are cheap asf.

  10. I watched this video like a month ago and I got really confused when you mentioned getting breakouts from tomatoes. I was like whaat? That's so healthy and I've heard it's great for the skin! But then I had a bad breakout almost all over my face, and I got desperate and started thinking about what to do. I eat healthy and had already eliminated dairy. Then I thought of this video and remembered the tomato thing. I used to eat tomatoes and tomato based sauces every single day (pretty much). And I started googling the connection between tomatoes and acne. Apparently it's common! I stopped eating tomatoes ever since and my skin is sooooo much better! 😮 So, thank you! Because without this video I never would've known.

    I'm just wondering, do you only experience that you get acne from raw tomatoes, or do you also get it if you'd eat like a cooked tomato sauce with pasta? I love Italian food and it's so boring to never eat anything tomato. I know it's different for everyone… I guess I should try eating cooked tomato, but I'm still scared. lol…

  11. Kouki Bb says:

    thank thank thank you so much ruby for all this hacks i was so happy to see you use avéne product beacause there very affordable, i have been suffering from acne all my life and it made me feel bad about my self and my face but i learned the more you take care of your skin and you make sure to use cleanser and to haydrate it before going to sleep really helps,and my grandmother used to always tell me to use lemon juice on my acne i don't if you tried it before??so i can't wait to buy all avéne products and to use all your tips,and again thank you so much for making this video for me and for all the girls out there struggling with acne,take care love you <3 <3

  12. 2A3109 says:

    i disagree, spot treatment must be applied first than the moisturizing…. you treatment absorbs less

  13. Eva Wang says:

    love your earrings! You look gorgeous! Where did you get them?

  14. Is this video sponsored ?

  15. You are absolutely gorgeous by the way

  16. Amira Sara says:


  17. very very useful! i'm 31 and i started breking out this year after moving to another country. it makes me crazyyyyy because im not used to seeing my skin be this bad, BUT i confess i'm guilty of touching my face ALL THE TİME !

    thank you for the help


  18. M E says:

    I started using that cream and I really notice a difference in my skin too! Less breakouts 🙂

  19. Tomatoes fucked my skin up for like 9 months before I finally realized that that was what was causing my breakouts! I literally tried eliminating everyyyyy other food before them. I just had never even considered the fact that they could be what was ruining my skin. Tomatoes, soy, and I think dairy products a lil bit, completely ruin my skin.

  20. How do u edit ur video

  21. thyga76 says:

    U always change ur skincare….is it sponsored and that why u have to change all d time?

  22. Hi, was this sponsored? As it kind of felt it in the beginning. but anyway I understand you change products from time to time so which range has contributed to improving skin texture and red/dark discolouration after the spot goes? is it the Alpha H, Sk II ranges you used. thanks Ruby x

  23. tracy will says:

    oh God this interesting.t y Ruby xoxo

  24. Adele LG says:

    Love the video! Just wondering if you still use Alpha H? Or do you prefer Avene now?

  25. Nina Love says:

    Thank you so much awesome tips ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Danica Faye says:

    what's your lipstick here?? 😀

  27. Elizabeth R says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have been going through an acne attack in my life atm and I'll defintiely try these tips. Thumbs up and much love *

  28. great video, your skin looks amazing. And your brows are perfect!

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