10-STEP KOREAN SKIN CARE REVIEW | Inspired by Soko Glam

The 10-step is real and such a fun routine. Let me help break it down to tackle all these steps. Skip to 1:15 for the start of the steps!


➜ Do I do all these steps every day?
At least once a day, mainly when I take the day off, I do 7 steps – I skip exfoliate, mask, and SPF (sometimes I will take the 10th step and put on a sleeping mask though) The mask and exfoliate I like to do at the same time so I get all the benefits of the mask.

➜ What’s your skin type?
Combination, but has gotten more dry as I’ve gotten older. I like to stay as hydrated as a cucumber. This can be used for every skin type, just get the right products for your skin as you normally would.

➜ Do I use this morning and night?
I use this morning and night – I tweak it a little depending on my mood. Most of the time I skip the double cleanse as I don’t feel my skin needs that after a night’s rest.

➜ Do I rinse off the mask? And is it every day?
It depends on the mask and its instructions. Sometimes I will do two masks a week or alternate between types of mask: one that soaks into the skin vs one that pulls impurities. Sometimes I do two masks back to back depending on what my skin needs and how the masks performs (ex: clay mask then a hydrating mask). Also, this is something I do maybe once a week!

➜ How can I adjust this to my budget?
Yes, it’s a lot of product, but a lot of it you already have in your medicine cabinet I bet! Toner can be used with something you find at Rite-Aid like witch hazel, coconut oil to take off your makeup, or making your own face scrub to exfoliate. Get creative!

➜ Is this time-consuming?
For me, it takes me 10 mins max. A lot of these steps we’re already doing… taking off our makeup, etc. The few extra minutes invested into taking better care of your skin (properly taking off ALL traces of makeup and dirt by double cleansing, hydrating and protecting your skin, giving your face all the proper boosters) is less time you have to spend doing makeup and covering up.

Some of these are one of the best products I’ve tried and I was so pleased putting this list together to see that they’re cheaper than I thought. I was introduced to all of these along with the book.

Also – another video out tomorrow. American, Western, European, not sure how to sound PC about it.

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* STEP 1 ➜ Oil Cleanser (Banila Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser)

* STEP 2 ➜ Water-based Cleanser (NEOGEN Green Tea Foam Cleanser)

STEP 3 ➜ Exfoliator (NEOGEN Peel Gauze Peeling Wine)

STEP 4 ➜ Toner (Son&Park Beauty Water)

* STEP 5 ➜ Essences (Missha Time Evolution)

STEP 6 ➜ Serums (KLAIRS Vitamin C Serum)

* STEP 7 ➜ Sheet Mask (Dr. Jart Mask Book)

STEP 8 ➜ Eye Cream (Missha Gumsul Giyoon Eye Cream)

* STEP 9 ➜ Moisturizer (Son&Park Beauty Gel) SOLD OUT
Another favorite:
Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

STEP 10 ➜ SPF or Sleeping Mask (Neogen Sunscreen)

Sleeping mask from Dr. Jart



* My must-haves


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  1. coco v says:

    What do you need?
    Last digit of your like is what you need

    1 oil cleanser
    2 foam cleanser
    3 exfoliate
    4 toner
    5 essence
    6 serums
    7 mask
    8 Eye cream
    9 moisturizer
    0 s.p.f

    Tell meh what you got!!!!

  2. how old must I be to try this?

  3. Ive stopped using western skincare OVERALL, stuff like Neutrogena and Garnier, it made m skin worse. I either bounce from natural remedies like lime, honey, egg etc or I bounce to these Korean product. I'm so DONE with the western ver. lmao fr.

  4. Where does emulsion fit in on this list??

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