14 Celebrities Who Are UNRECOGNIZABLE Without Makeup!

Famous people who are unrecognizable without makeup! From Katy Perry to Katie Holmes these celebs look totally different when they take their makeup off.

See photos of celebrities with vs without makeup


  1. Sorry but you're kinda sounding like a b***h from mean girls
    They are humans so you don't need to 'forgive' them or insult their look like that. I came here just to see the difference.

  2. Dave Night says:

    They have all hit the wall face first.

  3. Goldjunge says:

    woman are fucking cheaters. u never know what u get. U go to sleep with a Topmodel and awake beside an Alien

  4. M M.M.D says:

    There's a significant difference between being 'unrecognizable" & looking like sh**.

  5. d87fresh1 says:

    Lady Gaga is hideous. There are alot of females out there that need layers of crud on her face too avoid grossing people out shouldnt leave the bed without makeup on unless going to the kitchen.

  6. Diana Ross looks amazing and. better than all these women

  7. kasanza says:

    It would be rough to always be in front of the camera without makeup, especially into your mid 30s and beyond. Still, better than going to a shit job you hate everyday just to make 30 to 60k a year. I can't really feel sorry for them or pat them on the back.

  8. Well, Alicia Keys does not need make up to be beautiful. She actually looks even better without it!

  9. david pop says:

    i'd recognize lisa even with no make up ! beautiful for ever !!!

  10. Julischka says:

    The difference between the "make-up" and "no make-up" photos is, that the former were taken after hours in the makeup chair or they were digitally edited, whereas in the latter the women just donned their own, "normal" makeup. And this only shows that they are normal people like you and me.

  11. Just to show that what you see in the screen are just a bunch of lies.
    I don't feel pity or simpathy for this women, most of the comment are "This video is disgraceful", "You are a bad person for judging this women", etc. But the truth is that these women have helped to create ridicuosly high expectations in teenagers an women all over the world who see them as perfect just because they have professional artists recreating their faces. This women in the video are part of the problem, don't feel some kind of simpathy, they have won millions selling a lie.

  12. Izaac Wopz says:

    Mmmh… Was this video outsourced to India?

  13. chaandi ali says:

    can i please get 0 likes

  14. whoever wrote the script for this video… you don't deserve…

  15. This is some bullshit. You should be ashamed of yourself and kicked out of the women of the world sisterhood. Did you know that celebrities ARE STILL JUST PEOPLE LIKE ALL OF US?! What I admire most about these women you are nitpicking is that they don't give a fuck about your opinion. That's beautiful.

  16. Mr1sammyd21 says:

    screw celebs. What do they do that warrants such admiration.

  17. Streunekater says:

    Oh… I already hated this biased and dumb video seeing it half the way through. But you even to it later on. Wow. Usually, I'm trying not to be the troll, and if I hat a YT video I just don't watch it to the end and don't rate or comment it. But here, I have the feeling that if I don't raise my voice against your harmful, disrespectful, inhuman commentary, I'd be wrong. So: STOP IT! You are obviously trying to make lives worse for people. You try to make wonen that look like women of their age feel bad about themselves. Stop ot! In most countries there'd be laws against you. You are immoral and NOT COOL. I'm a man. I'm 44. And hetero. And most of the women you describe as ugly are quite beautiful. I don't need them to wear make-up. And it's harsh enough that people like YOU made some of them undergo surgery to fit YOUR standards. These are NOT MY STANDARDS! And not the ones of many real men out there! Almost every woman is beautyful. And I love to listen to their stories, their lifes, their decisions. Which make them even more attractive. I have long and strong hair. I love long and strong hair in a woman. The woman I love the most has weak, thin, short, sick hair. SO WHAT?!?! I love her and her story. I hate when she thinks less of herself because of her hair. She is a beauty, gorgeous. Lovable. STOP PRODUCING NEGATIVE FEELINGS TO ANY OF US! Men or women. All of us are human. All of us are beautyful. All of us are pretty and loveable. (Sorry for any English errors, I'm not a native English speaker…)

  18. Streunekater says:

    Thanks for the comments on this video! This video was disgusting. The celebs are real people who look REAL – and mostly even great – without any make-up. Please, channel creators – get your vieo of reality right! Nobody here on youtube wants any of that "tabloid press celebrity bashing and gossip press stories" … you picked the wrong media and audience. Here, we call you a TROLL. GET LOST!

  19. lady gaga danm she hella cute as fuc! without makeup

  20. toya adams says:

    ok is it me or does kathy griffin look like carrot top without her make up????…she could've scared donald trump shitless just by going fresh face…YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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