15 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known

Looking beautiful is any lady’s desire, but there seem to be issues you can’t take care of yourself. To look fresh and gorgeous all day long, pay attention to trick #3.

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  1. Malinda Sk says:

    Great tips, thank you

  2. what is the second one with the coconut oil for dark circles?

  3. Perfume hasn't been made from flowers for a long time. Now it's made from chemicals that are endocrine disrupters. Find your favourite oil based fragrance made from natural ingredients. Buy it in tiny bottles for freshness.

  4. Vaseline is white petroleum jelly as it says, or used to say, on the label.

  5. khatmal life says:

    Salt on your hair will only help you grow white hair

  6. Pistol . says:

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  7. I wonder how many boys/men clicked on this video because of the thumbnail…..

  8. Jane Chafin says:

    Use castor oil on tags and they will fall off after awhile, also on warts..Just apply to the area and try and cover the spot good and just leave it and after a few days or weeks the area will be clear again…Reapply every day for the length of treatment, it really works

  9. arpita dutta says:

    How I can remove my stretch marks from behind my leg???plzz tell me..

  10. Vida Carr says:

    Wow! Great Hacks! Can't wait to try some!

  11. Uh i came for the comments.. ..

  12. Juliet Kaman says:

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  13. daily lyrics says:

    very nice videooo

  14. lola opanuga says:

    Someone tell me if the Vaseline works winks so i can get a cartoon

  15. ButterBean says:

    Thumbnail tip is at 4:50. You welcome.

  16. Aloe works "Great" for bad sunburned. Found that out while vacationing in Mexico!

  17. how to remove strech marks ??

  18. Fari Khan says:

    Is s lagany s kia hooga plz tell

  19. WOW. Surely sharing the LAST trick with a Certain someone!

  20. Naz H says:

    Results?! So you will need to do these herbal hacks everyday for 5 years to see a 10% difference. Go crazy

  21. curriculum i love the material vioqently determine

  22. I HEAR CLICK BAIT! Why you put dat in the thumnail?

  23. Looking beautiful is any ladies desire, huh? Is that meant to mean that we value beauty above all else? Because that is what it sounds like. I'm a girl and I've never cared about how I look, or am I not going to be a lady due to this?

  24. drink aloevera juice for 40days for glowing skin

  25. Ava Lovell says:

    for whiter teeth i recommend brushing your teeth with your regular tooth paste and then putting coconut oil on your teeth and brushing normally. i do his all the time and i have perfect white teeth. and for a better body just watch what you eat and drink LOTS of water. (drinking lots of water helps your skin too)

  26. omar khaled says:

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  27. Umm we all know these hacks

  28. Ari Unique says:

    vasiline can grow your hair fast too..btw

  29. hapihapitayo says:

    this was the worst

  30. Emma Mystery says:

    How to look beautiful

    photoshop your face

  31. Abby Houska says:

    roses are red,
    violets aren't blue,
    I'm allergic to strawberries,
    what do I do? (for whiter teeth)

  32. Shell W says:

    Do not do the one with the perfume in your hair. If you go outside bees will be attracted to your hair, thinking it's a flower. The same thing is true if you go for a walk or hike. Bees are drawn to scented lotions and perfume. You do not need any perfume when you are out in nature. It can wait…

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