5 DIY Ingredients For Natural Skin Care

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Want to get some amazing ingredients for healthier skin? You probably already have them in your kitchen somewhere. We show you some very easy DIY natural ingredients for healthier skin.

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  1. Alyshia Love says:

    use braggs all natural apple cider vinegar and I have taken a cap full of it for a month and I have lost weight and I feel great and healthy and I haven't had any acne breakouts since I started literally a life saver. The taste is horrible so I chase it with some green tea and honey also really great

  2. Neema T says:

    U can see the note card with what they are supposed to say behind all of the products

  3. what is up with the girl on the left side thum

  4. Kawaii1245 says:

    Coconut oil doesn't clog pores, it's antibacterial.

  5. Kelsey Lynn says:

    Protein and lactic acid? Don't you mean probiotics and lactic acid

  6. wow you can wash your face with yogurt who knew. ..thanks for sharing lady's

  7. ACV should be not consumed without diluting it. It is too acidic for the teeth / esophagus. It's best to dilute a few tablespoons in a large glass of water

  8. Yogurt as a natural cleanser, HA

  9. Sarah Marie says:

    I love you Nora, I wish you lived nearby, we'd totally be best friends 🙂

  10. Rachel Furr says:

    That brand of ACV is such a terrible thing to recommend. you always want natural, organic ACV that still has "the mother" Apple Cider Vinegar should be cloudy and murky, that is what is healthiest for you. That Kroger ACV has been filtered like crazy and is primarily water which is why it is so cheap.

  11. j vallejo says:

    you really don't know what you're talking about.

  12. Eva Papadaki says:

    plz do a DIY highlighter

  13. What about clearing out acne?

  14. hey guys. Love ya! I found a DIY that looks like fun to do. Lip Balm refill https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=955626594510058&id=947679651971419

  15. Akemiko says:

    I've been applying straight lemon juice to my skin many times now and it makes my skin baby soft that no other product has been able to do for me. Do not get it near your eyes though as I hope that is a given and DO NOT try to apply this in the morning if you plan to go out in the sun. It makes your skin sensitive to sunlight and you will burn. I don't have sensitive skin. It does burn and itch, but only for about 5 mins. I leave it on over night or sometimes just for 20-30 mins and then rinse off. I don't recommend doing it for more than twice a week as it can dry out your skin.

  16. MJ says:

    Do you really use your diy's??

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