5 steps to opening your successful Hair Salon

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  1. Dee Monroe says:

    opening a business is so hard and stressful but I did it so please follow my hair page on Instagram hair_fantasy_salon I'm in the NYC area follow me ladies thanks

  2. THANK YOU Francesca! That was very nice of you creating this video! God Bless!

  3. Soul Vibes says:

    I literally only watch these because she's beautiful

  4. Hair Candi says:

    Thank you for making this video. It has help me to organize all of my thoughts and ideas, so that I can continue to move forward. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for this. You're amazing!

  6. Ritchgirl19 says:

    Awesome Thank you …

  7. Fc i never would have guessed you didnt have any staff! But if you want something done correctly you gotta do it yourself!! Your place is run so smoothly!! Thanks for the motivation!

  8. Dear People says:

    This was amazing to watch .. I'm only 16 and my dream is to open a salon in Los Angeles. I been trying to plan some much but school has me way too busy . I loved your advice and I will definitely keep everything you said in mind. P.s you are amazingly beautiful and I love your style!

  9. Leti Echols says:

    You have definitely helped me with your video.

  10. Greg Bowne says:

    Thank you for this video! It is so great to see YOUR PASSION, PLAN, BRANDING & LOCATION ideas put into motion!!

  11. What is the maximum price you can charge?

  12. goflygirl100 says:


  13. I'm truly inspired, how can I get more education abroad?

  14. She's AbyL says:


  15. this was super helpful. I'm Planning to start a beauty and fashion styling business in Paris and this have me more insight and confidence to start. God bless you darling.

  16. Hey I also trained with Joy. Ready to venture into the industry now. Been a bit laid back with the babies but am slowly getting back on my feet. Love the video it certainly inspires me. Lov the decor so elegant and classy.

  17. Makayla West says:

    Francesca, how did you buy your own factory and warehouse?

  18. Katie K says:

    Why do you have HORRIBLE reviews on google?..

  19. Great information, thank you for sharing. subbed and shared

  20. Magnificently inspiring

  21. India Queen says:

    I've been following you for a while now. I've been home based for a few years now, and I would like to appeal to higher end clients. Like you. I know you have your college coming soon, I'm so excited. May you please explain how to appeal to higher end clients and how to raise your prices without losing clients

  22. i like this vdo and i enjoyed but i am irritated by music while you explaining

  23. Thank you for this posting.
    I have been working on opening a salon in my home for a while.
    Getting over the fear has been so hard…
    We had two rooms in the front of my house we never hardly ever used. I have a cosmetology license and do many things but felt overwhelmed. Money goes without saying… there is never enough for what you think you need… and for those things you didn't know you need ..
    I have a few, very few clients that I have been caring for but really need to grow now. It is time to grow or fold.
    In my inner struggle I have gone from super motivated to doubting…
    YOUR video gave me some things to work on but most importantly you reminded me I do not have a business plan … not really… I have renewed focus … I will check in with you in a few months to let you know where I am …

  24. thanks for a great tips on going into the salon industry

  25. dnsgold7 says:

    where did you buy chairs behind you? very decorative for a salon!

  26. Diann Tayl says:

    Darlin, I am from Texas 28yrs in the business, opening a salon in a upscale Independent Retirement Living complex in the Dominion, San Antonio Texas. your advice was brilliant. You are a remarkable young woman. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more of your videos. All my Best wishes for your Magnificent future.

  27. do you give your employees paid vacation and a 401k

  28. This was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Soooo helpful and you are such a pleasure to watch; thanks again and best of luck!

  29. melat Habte says:

    thank you so much for all thw advice this was exactly what I needed to hear to get tgat extra boost in my confidence to open my own beauty salon!!!

  30. Duchess Kafe says:

    How much did u start up with?

  31. Hi, yes, I am working on a marketing plan for my new product or service to own a hair salon.

  32. very nice and inspiring!

  33. MsChicoro says:

    Excellent video! Amazing story. Bravo, to you!

  34. My new 2017 Online education MAMMA COUTURE College will teach you everything you need to know about being a boss in this industry. Classes from how to open a salon, branding like a boss & my secret hair methods will be available soon. For updates and launch dates follow my Instagram FREEDOMCOUTURE

  35. olivia seed says:

    mama, I love your hair, you are smart and pretty.

  36. Hi, this video is so inspiring. I have a few questions I am puzzled on as a stylist. Is there a way to email you directly?

  37. very helpful video!

  38. Can you tell me who you order your pillows from

  39. Thanks for sharing and I wish you continued success!

  40. Donna Calaf says:

    Thank you for this video!! I was a hair stylist for almost 10 years in my 20's. I have been out of the business now for about 9 years. I realize now that I gave up. I should have never given up! I'm now thinking about getting back into the hair biz and possibly opening my own salon at some point. This video was very helpful!! I am very excited for the future!!!

  41. Lexi Lare says:

    Reason why pieces are expensive , is because they are hand made, when you get the ones from Asia , it's due to the very exploited labor force ,

  42. Tola Revamps says:

    I Love your work, thanks for info.

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