8 Weird Wipes (Beauty Break)

The set is old, Lily’s hair is purple & Jill is off getting married, so yes, we know, this episode is super old. We weren’t sure if we should even put it up, because do people even care about weird wipes?!? Let us know in the comments below.

And talk to the girls about the episode!


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  1. That's a hard question. But I would rather look bad.

  2. Lexi Mackey says:

    I watched a makeup wipe ad before this

  3. ryanlak says:

    How are you really gonna blue ball us with Lilly's legs?

  4. Amanda L says:

    But did Yolanda tan?!!!

  5. I'd rather look bad

  6. look bad news smell lasts longest in memory

  7. Actually, one of the more useful videos. Thanks!

  8. i just use baby wipes before i had a kid and even after my son is 5 almost 6 and there great

  9. I miss this studio

  10. Abbey Smith says:

    I would rather look bad then smell bad because I'm not a fan of bad smells

  11. But which leg tanned better?!!

  12. Gurkhyvel says:

    Honestly, smell bad

  13. Mary Grace says:

    Do not use feminine wipes! They don't do anything! They were made to make money off of making women think they smell bad down there when it is just your body part's natural ph chemistry/balance. And if you use them too much they can actually have reverse effects and give you a yeast infection.

  14. Hence me just using baby wipes for pretty much everything all that crap does… well save for the tanning towel, but don't need those…

  15. Amy Suire says:

    I rather look bad. If you can't accept how I look then boi bye

  16. They didn't do an update on the legs and it bugs me

  17. They never showed the results on her legs

  18. I'd rather look bad XD

  19. Kara Grace says:

    I use burts bees wipes lol.

  20. I miss the old set!!!

  21. Milkymoles. says:

    I miss the old set. Not keen on the new

  22. Joselyn I feel would be on my strange addiction in like 15 years and she would be like "Hi im Joselyn, and im addicting to eating everything". Just a joke by the way. XD

  23. Never got to see the results of the tan towels cxxx

  24. Abby says:

    anyone know where lily buys her shirts from?

  25. Rachel L says:

    Look bad because setting the standards low aha

  26. Literally put anything with Lily and Joslyn and I'll watch it

  27. Liad Cohen says:

    Joslyn remind me of Mia's best friend from princess diaries. Who agrees?

  28. TBD Vlogs says:

    Dang this is older than my grandma

  29. Kushley Kay says:

    I think the body cleansing wipes are for a person who has a long day at work and no time to shower before an event that's directly after work. Then they can try to freshen up with them

  30. I love you guys but ummmm…you aren't that tan 🙂 <3

  31. KaseyJamez says:

    For all the mean comments you guys get here's a nice one. I love you guys!

  32. I was waiting for them to pull out ass wipes 🙁

  33. Did the tanning wipes work

  34. Maisie Jones says:

    We never got to see how the tanning wipes ended up looking or how effective they were? Xx

  35. Sumzey Wil says:

    Look bad because i always look bad

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