BARB LIFE Makeup Tutorial (All Pink Everything!)


Hey you guys hope you like my talk through makeup tutorial! xoxo

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  1. Girllllllllll! Those lashes!

  2. Play with the white balance on your camera

  3. tyquando boe says:

    hii can you plz give me tips to do a really flawless wings with my eyeliner plz

  4. Are those the earring Shane Dawson just tried on in his party city haul with Drew XD

  5. bobbi hughes says:

    what that call you put on your eye first

  6. bobbi hughes says:

    what that call you put on your eye first

  7. Rosi Porcayo says:

    You look like lady gaga w/o makeup

  8. does anybody know wich camera she use?

  9. For your dry skin try palmers cocoa butter. I have dry skin & I generally use the creamy/lotion style about 5-10 mins prior to putting on make up or I'll use the thick jar kind to lube my face at night before sleeping it's done wonders for my skin

  10. I Love the fact that you stay true to your self chica you are a unique and beautiful soul never change!!! <3

  11. You look crazy tbh nobody goes outside like that on a daily basis

  12. Ieisha Gray says:

    i like watching your videos and your vlogging

  13. Blessed Fits says:

    Her skin is flawless now, she went to her dermatologists ladies. It's not hard. Find a doctor to help you with the internal aspect of breakouts, not the outer surface of the dermis.

  14. Yarrl Moore says:

    Wow thats a lot of makeup! love the look though.

  15. Natalie Lynn says:

    What is your ethnicity? Your fab. I just discovered your channel a few days ago and cant believe I've never found you before!! Thinking of going pink with some clip ins! Life is getting to boring being blonde!!

  16. ""Love the look""

  17. Eunji says:

    Looovee it!! <3

  18. my favorite youtube channel!!!!!

  19. Rodney Lee says:

    I love the lip color but why would I use something that make my teeth look yellow?

  20. What was the name of that rainbow eyeshadow pallet!!!?? Not the Brazil one, the other one. I need it!

  21. Kari Hamrick says:

    Let me guess your favorite color is pink and the lip stick looks like something Nikki manj would wear

  22. Alexis Moore says:

    This is like one of my favorite looks that you've done but sadly I don't have the guts to wear it

  23. Iris Ooijman says:

    Mermaid hair <3

  24. Eres una mujer hermosa que lindo tu look

  25. Kay so I just barley started watching you and you are so funny and so gorgeous! I hardly wear makeup so seeing you do your tutorials is amazing to me haha 🙂

  26. Alex Bolin says:

    I love your hair so so much! You are such a doll. cx

  27. Omg ! I love you're videos !
    I feel relax , jajajaja ❤️

  28. Love your makeup, hair & shoe collection. I'm posting your video's on my facebook like page. Just trying to help you get more followers. keep up the good work 🙂 XOXO

  29. Sad idi po lopatu skidaj puder xd

  30. MarieSueMax says:

    can you please do a how to make a wig video? 

  31. This looks.soooo cute on u

  32. Price Less says:

    i love this look it's beautiful xoxo

  33. PinkyBelle says:

    what is that eyeshadow palette she is using?

  34. Your nose is so perfect in this vid.

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