Hey guys! So I saw this hack on a blog about hot to get the perfect contour with a spoon so I decided to be the first to try it!! Lets see if it works !!


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Camera: Cannon 70D

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  1. You look like lady gaga 😉

  2. Cali looks sad or tired.

  3. I swear I rewatch every video of yours. My absolute favorite you-tuber!

  4. Cutest dog ever!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. kadence houk says:

    how do u turn on notification on im a nnod at tube that wasn't funny I know

  6. # looks amazing did anybody tell you that you look like Kesha

  7. # looks amazing did anybody tell you that you look like Kesha

  8. I love u dog! Can u do a video just about him?

  9. Reese Barber says:

    What kind of dogs are they

  10. dude your dog is just like mine I die melting at how he's sitting there napping happy as ever to just be around you. xoxo xoxo I feel like I know you guys hehehehe

  11. alex wright says:

    A whisk is also a great way to fill in your eyebrows, after that put a spaghetti strainer on your head, it adds such dimension to your face.

  12. Nicole ur dog is so pretty when did u get it

  13. you have 412 comments :0

  14. Beebox Bunny says:

    You have a Nike symbol on your cheek

  15. Angel Giles says:

    beauty hack or wack? can you use the spoon to do creases in your eyeshadow

  16. Jentry Faith says:


  17. you can still see the spoon marks lol funny d:

  18. zip zip says:

    the dogs face tho 2:47

  19. gary bhagat says:

    3:02 dog:shut up I'm sleeping Nicole is you blind?
    Nicole: answer already

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