BEST Affordable Foundations & Concealers For Women of Color | Olive to Dark Brown Skin


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  1. Sha' Cappone says:

    It's pronounced (mat tay) 🙂 and I love girl…

  2. I use Queen Makeup collection. I have oily t-zone it works but it's not a color stay. I was looking for a color stay & concealer thank you for the tips.

  3. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  4. mac can't match me

  5. Najva Wawa says:

    Omg i love it

  6. They made the revlon color stay with pumps now.

  7. Elana Murray says:

    Fit me is great but they aren't cruelty free 🙁

  8. Jess says:

    Fit me:under $6 at Wal-Mart

  9. I like the Revlon Color Stay bottle just the way it is…I was saved by many a bottles when I ran out, by bumping the bottle to my finger. I get every last bit of the product whereas when I bought Mac w/the pump I didn't get AL my money's worth.

  10. Tank dear. This was really helpful. Pls am an upcoming artist in Nigeria. Wat drugstore foundation can I get for bridal and photoshoots. Tanks mam I love your videos I just subscrib

  11. Maya Bivinz says:

    you slayed honey

  12. antho ndozi says:

    I love ,thank you for this video, which shade of la girl pro concealer should I choose for my color, see my profile pic.

  13. Beautiful I'm a dark girl

  14. This video has given me my life.

  15. I agree Ms. Tate and Ms. Bride. It's great that she recognizes all women of color and not only black women.

  16. New subscriber. Love the recommendations. I have been looking for an appropriate nude lip for me and I love yours. Can you tell me what lip color this is?

  17. Anisa E says:

    i love your channel

  18. Nice makeup. What color are u in mac?

  19. We have the same name 🙂

  20. yes I love this.. Mac makes me so oily.. idk what it is about their make up but I swear my face be oily and cakey with MAC make up

  21. Please were can I get all this product

  22. thank you so much

  23. This was so helpful! I'm new to wearing foundation and wasn't sure which one to try. I appreciate this so much lady!!! 🙂

  24. Can you list the brands in your description?

  25. u have beautiful skin

  26. exellent thanks for the tips

  27. unfortunately the "white neighborhoods" stores dont carry our colors u have to go to Urban development areas which to me is better because its cheaper and has alot of variety especially if your a mua.

  28. Pamela Smart says:

    I am glad i saw this video which was very informative. Glad you gave the knock off for mac foundation.

  29. Rosalind Jay says:

    Hi u likeyour video for women of color (not just black). I don't wear makeup lord kbows i have watched tons, ton, & tons of videos. I don't know if i can find my color and Walgreens not that i know of have testers.

  30. Just knock off the d and the a. I hate auto correct

  31. cjay says:

    TFS. This was very helpful to me.

  32. I agree with your 3rd grade comment,however your makeup is gorgeous

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