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FAMOUS Beauty Salon & SPA in Dubai

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UAE, Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suquem 2, Villa No. 796

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  1. How much does this procedure cost? We have some wack facials here in the BRONX. Anyone here knows a good SPA in the BRONX? Thank you…

  2. paint colors says:

    From 35-40 years what about the 41-and older are we just shit outta luck lol

  3. Mary Xerri says:

    I love doing this facial, I am an esthetician and have been using these products in my salon for over a year and have some really amazing results.

  4. Boy, would I love a facial like this….

  5. nicce facial massage technique

  6. Jenna K says:

    This model has resting bitch face (even while sleeping)

  7. Great video! I just have a little bit of constructive criticism. I hope that you don't get offended. Your tapotement was a little sloppy. It looked like you were pinching the skin instead of tapping it.

  8. Hoseoks Butt says:

    this is so relaxing but her lips scare me lmao

  9. Bluejay says:

    Did anyone realize that around 17:00 it said "3st"
    Yes please I'd like a glass of water

  10. Britt says:


  11. I am a licensed esthetician and will give you this facial. facials are just the beginning to great skin. home care and suncreen, Pluss what we eat and water intake also make a huge difference. I have noticed those that do yoga have tightened skin on the neck and face. I am in Lakewood with Ageless Face and Skin

  12. hi I am interesting yur salon job I am beautycion & makeup a artist pl tach with us

  13. I am also can do if u need staff I can come in dubai I am from india punjab

  14. It's Ted says:

    dubai is full of racists

  15. aiman noor says:

    apke parlor me koie job ha kiya

  16. great video we can offer your our natural mineral makeup line and its 100 % Halal Certify.

  17. Sarah Mongie says:

    I just love the movement of her hands!

  18. alisha ali says:

    i liek is job aghr mujhy moka mily to me zaru sikhna jahu dubhi

  19. H. E. says:

    That was awesome! Makes me want to visit the Salon ( however I am worlds away). Great job, interesting products!

  20. me encanto,muy binito

  21. Nayna Soni says:

    मैं गुजरात india से हु 25 year से पार्लर चला रही हु , मुझे वहा job चाहिए faicial & hair cut my favourite subject तो क्या आपके यहा vacancy hai? Please tell me…

  22. this is so relexing just watching this lol i need to have this done 😀

  23. You should have added Marina Medical Centre. I had a laser treatment there once. And it gave me the best result at low cost

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