Bridal Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are well. Here is my soft and romantic bridal wedding day makeup look. It photographs beautifully and gives a gorgeous glow and iridescence to your face on your wedding day. This look is pretty versatile so it doesn’t have to be just a bridal look, you can wear this if you’re a bridesmaid or even for an everyday look! Hope you guys enjoy it! -Roxi

Ps. This is prerecorded so that’s why my hair is a little darker!

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  1. E says:

    Roxys hair and brows are on fleek here. Missing the blonde, not a fan of the silver hair and virtually black brows now. But oh my is she pretty.

  2. Rosie Reyes says:

    Good idea with the Demi lashes! I can never put full lashes on! Any lash tips?

  3. wileyspikes says:

    whats the song in the beginning?

  4. So beautiful and so talented! Love your videos<33

  5. sd says:

    I'm from Brazil and I love your videos deserve more subscribers ❤

  6. Marie Berg says:

    Soooo Beautiful !

  7. Sam B says:

    by the way, I've noticed that you are using bobbi brown brushes in some other videos. so, do you recommend theme??

  8. Nil Nil says:

    Your getting married?

  9. Your skin is GORGEOUS! I seriously thought you had foundation on while you were showing us the eye makeup. You don't even need concealer!

  10. Aqsa Khalil says:

    You taught me alot about eyes lots of love from Oxford

  11. ughnes says:

    Your highlight gives me life

  12. Ezza Nasir says:

    But still, amazing look.

  13. Alien Bias says:

    Ughhh your so pretty! Srsly GOALS❤️

  14. So inlove with this tutorial!!

  15. Jeanni Huang says:

    whats the song playing in the background? great video btw xx

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