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Kylie Loose Highlighters
Makeup Forever Blushes #B402 #B308 #6300
Marc Jacobs Coconut Bronzer
Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette
Sephora Pro Palette
Maybelline Master Chrome ‘Molten Gold’
Intoxicating Lashes by Flutter
MUA Makeup Academy Lip Glosses ‘Baby Pink’ & ‘Nude’
Loreal infallible Pro Gloss
Milani Lipstick ‘Matte Innocence’
Charlotte Tilbury ‘iconic Nude’ Lip Liner
Anastasia ‘Toffee’ Lip Gloss
Dior addict 001 Lip gloss
Kylie Cosmetics ‘Kristen’ Liquid Lip
Too Faced Melted Latex

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  1. Jacyln QVC of the world YouTube Hill.

  2. L. Aramburo says:

    Are they bringing back her Morphe pallet

  3. Heyddi Suazo says:

    Can you make more tutorials with your own palette i would love more ideas also can ypu share with us how ypu decorated your house that will be sooo awesome

  4. Would like to see an every day look with your palette. It's amazing!

  5. Lauryn Silva says:

    I love your videos! I purchased your palette during the first launch and I don't use any other shadows but yours! I'd love to see work with the greens, I find it so hard to find a look with those! I'm not big on highlighters but when I do I only wear Champagne Pop! Thank you for being you and still making videos!!

  6. Can you make a tutorial using subscriber recommendations

  7. MsChiqui23 says:

    I can't wait to see the house tour once you're done! I bet it will be gorgeous!!! I'm so happy for everything you have accomplished!!!

  8. val m says:

    …I dont mean to be an asshole but what the fuck happened to your lips!?!?!

  9. You are stunning! Your always my makeup inspo! Killing it can't wait for your palette to come back into stock

  10. Risa Bailey says:

    How much do u think Jacklyn gets for every palette sold?

  11. Love you girl! Keep doing what you do!

  12. makeup 1310 says:

    I used to be a big fan of Jaclyn, but the past few months have really rubbed me the wrong way.

    Why can't she admit she does nothing all day? Like be honest lol. I don't see Desi, Katy, Manny, Kathleen, Jstar, nor any other big guru cry about how busy they are. Fuck. Half the time they don't even look busy but don't try to lie about how much leisure time they have. If her snap stories or ig stories are anything to go off of, she clearly isn't busy. Also, she's only about the girl love if she BENEFITS somehow.. She has yet to mention the DesixKaty Collection, when they have acknowledger her collab as well as others WHILE releasing their collections at the same time. You subscribers need to open your eyes and need to move onto other gurus who actually care about you.

    ALSO Jaclyn, if you can't handle even a little bit of criticism, then you are the problem.

  13. i loveeeeee the chill on the floor vibe! im living for this!! im over the perfect back round bs lol

  14. Love this casual set up! Do more videos filmed this way!

  15. I love you and your personality! Ive been watching you for years and you have always stayed humble! No matter what anyone else thinks! May God continue blessing you and your family ❤️

  16. love you so much jacklyn youhave inspired me so much

  17. Your eyes look gorgeous!

  18. Amy Regier says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to film this!!!! I just moved too and girl I make it to work every day but I would not have the energy to film and edit you go girl!! Love the liquid latex!!! Also love the laid back feel of this!! Miss old school you tube

  19. I love this set up it feels so chill and more personal!

  20. I just love how glam your makeup is with your rolling stones T! sporty glam!!

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