DIY Beauty | Toothbrush Blackhead Remover-BEST EVER?! خلطة لإزالة الرؤوس السوداء

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  1. does anyone know what bakingsoda is in dutch?!

  2. Hiba Khan says:

    can we do this on whole face bcoz after doing this my nose start shine please tell me can we do this on whole face??

  3. روعه روعه

  4. Asal Takesh says:


  5. YTFan says:

    So many vain people on the Tube. Unbelievable. I just woke up outta bed and look good without makeup too but you don't see me showing off.

  6. Is this patched yet?

  7. MAUREEN says:

    Your video is great ! Kisses ❤️

  8. Taimur Khan says:

    does it works??

  9. Shary Dinle says:

    to be honest this made the skin on my nose red for days

  10. can anyone explain me..what all the things she had mixed …. ?? please. I couldn't understand her accent so… please anyone.

  11. Omg Marvis toothpaste is amazing!! I use cinnamon mint one.

  12. Ben And Dad says:

    Can you do this if you have black heads in between of your lips and chin like right in the middle of those two?

  13. lucky singh says:

    u have beautiful lips

  14. It works. Thanks 🙂

  15. I really reccomend Toothpaste and salt but you can also add baking soda/powder

  16. لمى 1 says:

    زين ومتابعينج العرب شلون يفتهمووون!!!!!!!?

  17. i was distracted by her face… Rewatching the video without watching it… Maybe I'll get something out of it…

  18. Neala Upton says:

    You look like the beautiful version of Kim k

  19. lethargic kc says:

    dont mind, just an english comment comming thru

  20. md nazeem says:

    does it work?

  21. you look soo pretty i think your natural non makuped face is the best

  22. Sarrah Ali says:

    Can be done with whiteheads too?

  23. James Chin says:

    … you have eaye liner on and A but of mascara and eaye shadow

  24. This system works but is so painful!

  25. "I get this when I go to paris"

  26. WhatsUp !!! says:

    Kim is that you?

  27. MXFT says:

    her contacts are cool

  28. wajih wajih says:

    hi can any one help me and tell me waht is baking soda ? and thx

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