Doughnut bun tutorial {Jessica}


  1. mayo Dre says:

    Quanti anni a jessica

  2. Ivy Gamer says:

    Nice job! I need to grow my hair first my hair is to short haha 😀

  3. Kristel Sam says:

    Hello? Is there a comment in English? I can't see any lol…nice vid tho 🙂

  4. you are doing very good! 🙂

  5. Причёски прикольные Но что ты говорила??????

  6. Natixa says:

    ñēťel pŕachima ❤

  7. But it's still pretty and long though

  8. % 쏘연 says:

    머리숱 ㄷㄷ..

  9. ooooo BeBy its very very very cood niiiiieees and Beyotfle iloveyou sw mig

  10. Kyla Hember says:

    Enybody speak English all I see is chinese

  11. TAY TAY! says:

    You went really fast but u did a good job

  12. karly chapoy says:


  13. Emma Lola says:

    I think I'm the only English comment

  14. Z£€$@£€¥₩¥££&

  15. Soory to say but your good

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