Droopy Eyes Makeup Tutorial! | Stephanie Lange

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Hi guys! Here’s a video to show you how to ‘correct’ droopy eyes! If you have downturned or droopy eyes, makeup can certainly help your eyes to look perkier and less… droopy! This is also perfect if you have hooded eyes.


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  1. ekant jadeja says:

    nice explanation…

  2. btw… I'm hooded and puffy

  3. I definitely need more video's on making my eyes not look so hooded

  4. Louisa A. says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! You are so amazing!

  5. Kathy Brewer says:

    what about if your eyelids r really really droopy ?

  6. this is my all time fav hooded eye look

  7. I have quite down turned and hooded eyes and i love extenuating it and making my eyes look huge and dolly. .but love this look too. I wanna try this and have fun with it meanwhile loving my eyes both ways regardless how they look because that is the way they are meant. God makes no mistakes. Makeup and transformations are fun!<3

  8. this was one of the first eye makeup tutorials that really helped me

  9. Nena Gentry says:

    Great video, love the tape idea.

  10. Excellent tutorial!!! I'm going to try this today!!

  11. Definitely trying this!

  12. Ava Gardner says:

    U r beautiful without makeup

  13. Zea Samudio says:

    it's still kinda looks droopy when you applied the white eye liner

  14. Tia Donnelly says:

    my eyes are so droopy that u do a full eyeshadow look open my eyes and u can hardly see it lol

  15. Thank you so much! I always thought I had hooded eyes. I am going to try this. Do you suggest doing eyes first so that the tape does not take off your foundation?

  16. More of droopy eyes videos please!

  17. Zizo Zayno says:

    I love ur videos, amazing can u tell me if I can find the pallet in Sephora or wher else

  18. meeta jain says:

    Why can't u guys show simple and fast….everyday thing….u really think working people have time to measure and apply tape and than do eye makeup. ..than think again.

  19. I think you should go for a more natural shade for contouring your cheekbones. Other than that, thanks for the tips!

  20. Ashley Brock says:

    this has been so helpful!!!!

  21. great tutorial – i've heard droopy eyes being described as "come to bed eyes" makes me feel better

  22. Pixie says:

    white eyeliner was a good idea to open up the eyes but when you extended it to the corner of your eyes it outlined the down turned shape of your eye basically erasing the illusion of upturned eye. Other then that your video was good. I feel the eye shadow though was to heavy for everyday where. It looks like evening look

  23. Joyce R says:

    IMO, this makeup look doesnt look good on you.. the makeup on the lower lash line makes your eyes look oddly.

  24. I just have a silly question. How long, on average, does it take you to put make up on in the morning on a normal day?

  25. Panna Pocak says:

    You are very very good, thanks! x

  26. hello,could you please make an eye tutorial for droopy eyes (evening makeup) and use kohl eyeliner on the lower lashline as well, to see how it shoulbe used? I love your tutorials!!! Please help me with this tutorial. I have a wedding event and I cannot afford to pay a makeup artist, so this tutorial would be a great help! Thank you!

  27. I'm Shanna says:

    I don't mind having more droopy type eyelids, however one of my eyelids droops a lot lower than the other, kind of like a lazy eye, and I'm not entirely sure how to combat that with makeup while still having the makeup look even

  28. Oh! Nice video!!! <3 But, I've got a problem! When I do every types of eye-makeup for down turned eyes doesn't work with my eyes! Can you help me? My upper lid, is really heavy (very thick), but does not hide my lower lid. My lower lid, near the inner corner of the eye, is faceing up like a angle, while the rest of the eyelid to the outer corner drops, but isn't hide too much by the upper lid. My low eye rhyme, is a little roundesh, and if I apply totally like your makeup tutorial does, my eyes' gaze yellin' " Hey, I'm a panda" xD

  29. tota mohamed says:

    you talk very much

  30. Cherie says:

    Some great tricks there. I did notice though that the white liner on the lower water line of the eye made the outer corner droop – exactly what you don't want. I would think a better idea would be to put a dark liner in the outer portion of the lower water line, and a lighter liner on the inner portion and extend it past where the water line ends to just below the tear duct area.

  31. Zarwa Butt says:

    it was simply lush

  32. bowler8 says:

    thought shimmery eyeshadow was a no no on droopy eyes?

  33. Great video. It would have been even better if you had done a close up of the false eye lash application at the end.

  34. my favorite makeup artist she knows every llittke trick to make her makeup flawless so talented

  35. my favorite makeup artist she knows every llittke trick to make her makeup flawless so talented

  36. my name is Stephanie too and I have droopy eyes too


  38. Abir Breezy says:

    You actually saved my life!! thank u

  39. Rinie Indira says:

    lovee this but u didnt use any eyeliner or eyepencil??

  40. ❤️☺️ thanks for this video

  41. Alsy says:

    Tried it and didn't work on me. I've understood any sort of wing makes me look like an idiot because I have downturned and hooded eyes so cat eyes make them look even sadder and more tired. Oh well, no cat eyes for me. 🙂

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