Easy Way to Bold Brows!

Hey my loves! So I have been getting a lot of questions about my brows since I have changed them (Bold is Everything to me)! Sooo here is a quick tutorial on how I do my brows at the moment!

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  1. u have lense of natural eyes?

  2. tota a says:

    you are so profishional realy relay star and l love you so much❤❤❤

  3. It looks like you are wearing contact if so its sliding off of you eye slightly but it's a very pretty color on you

  4. Your eyes are like Angelina Jolies!

  5. xrahabx says:

    Are we ever going to see your brown eyes again…

  6. Natalia Li says:

    I guess Kim Kardashian is nervously biting her nails while watching your videos. =) Such a pretty WOMAN you are!

  7. She is soooo gorgeous

  8. wow your so gorgeous why don't you try our lenses @misaki_cosmetics #affordable #pretty

  9. itzel powe says:

    Do you live in dubai?

  10. Shazia Amjed says:

    What are you wearing on your lips it looks stunning

  11. Jayy says:

    She's so gorgeous !!

  12. Falooda Hema says:

    brows absolutely no doubt definitely complete a makeup look =)

  13. TheSarahAlz says:

    What contacts r u wearing?

  14. bnossy says:

    Your lips are so big and juicy…. I want… Thank you for sharing love …. xo

  15. What's on your lips? Color is gorgeous!!

  16. Miya Elli says:

    Best makeup look ever for her.her skin looks flawless

  17. why you are sooooooooo beautiful? ♥ i love you hudaaa

  18. wow you are so gorgous and smart when comes to make up a real role model for young girls like me

  19. silent-skies says:

    The end result is way off! They look a bit too thick to me.

  20. Foreign Babe says:

    want this make up look


  22. Sweeta Tariq says:

    Looove this tutoria!!

  23. leauvano14 says:

    I'm new to your channel and I'm just obsessed with you and your videos! I'm confused as to why you don't have tons of more subscribers, you are insanely beautiful and kind! Just thought I would let you know how much I'm enjoying your videos, happy thoughts from texas :))

  24. Love yooouu!!!❤️❤️

  25. Your lips are to die for!!!

  26. Huda you are so gorgeous

  27. ولك صدقة لله اموت عليج حبيبي اتمنى استخدم الرموش مالتج

  28. Noha Salah says:

    Can't you just use one or two products, coz that's a lot

  29. looks amazing but seems so time consuming! I use one pencil that's it lol n it stays on all day x

  30. Maria Arias says:

    Oooh! Pretty eyebrows

  31. Triana Rizki says:

    You look like kim k!

  32. carmadon5 says:

    Dang, this chic knows her stuff! Got alot to learn I guess & am subscribed. Great video!

  33. Ian just watching u over and over u look super gorgeous so beautifull i cant get over it.

  34. huda ur soo beautifull here ur face looks natural. some of ur other videos u look fake like u have fillers or so, but in these videos lately u look so naturaly gorgeous. keep it up girl.

  35. I Ms says:

    U already have beautiful eyebrows don't need all that's makeup

  36. taterbug83 says:

    You have phenomenal eyebrows. I liked them best natural right after you brushed them. They look a little heavy with all of that makeup, imo.

  37. eli ksy says:

    She is so fucking beautiful

  38. Linda Lee says:

    my eyebrows are terrible. I just can't get them right!

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