FLAWLESS Drugstore Foundation Routine 2015 I Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Black Women (Dark Skin)

Here’s an In-Depth Drugstore Makeup Tutorial , My foundation routine for hyper pigmentation, covering dark marks or acne, and color correction using ONLY drugstore makeup products so it’s very affordable. It just goes to show that you can achieve that flawless look even if you’re on a budget! Hope you like it! Subscribe so you never miss a video! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c

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ALL Products Used:
NO 7 Serum
LA Girl Pro HD Concealer *Orange
Beauty Blender Sponge
Jordana 2 in 1 Concealer *Toffee
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation *30 Coconut
Black Opal Finish Powder *Neutral Light 06 OR 03 Medium
Real Techniques Buffing brush
Amazon Brush Kit: http://www.amazon.com/BS-MALL-Synthetic-Cosmetics-Foundation-Blending/dp/B00KOW827M/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1447949500&sr=8-7&keywords=brush+kit
Heather Silk By Wet N WILD
Black Radiance Caramel Highlighter

FULL Makeup Tutorial coming

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Camera: NIkon d5100
Editing: Corel Pro Video Studio

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  1. She's using too much color correction it's too light because she's dark skinned

  2. My eye usually speak louder when Ȉ am applying an concealer using the bruush sett
    The softness of the brushes, that is the reason Ǐ am like it. Ī made it as a gift for my sister and she loved too!

  3. Angel Marie says:

    Love this routine

  4. Would you still put on primer if you use face moisturizer

  5. Queen Beauty says:

    That make up is too light/orange for your complexion

  6. Laila Lkhou says:

    She looks sooo pretty with and without make up

  7. she looked better before the make up!!! Beautiful skin, Goddess!!!

  8. She looked better to me, before the make up…

  9. I put on make up and think I'm all of that when I'm all fake and I have a fake attitude to go with it in vain shall thy make thyself

  10. Tensey Bat says:

    Love it and the eyeshadow pattern is so darling

  11. Like I said, she looked better without it. Now, down dumb dog…

  12. the makeup don't match her skin…our skin tone is about the same color and when I do my makeup it looks natural and not Orange

  13. why don't you use make up that matches your skin tone? your face looks orange and your hands are black.

  14. byun camii says:

    is color corrector supposed to be orange?

  15. Ayyyee I'm coconut too lol

  16. Carly Wash says:

    where to find the Jordana concealer?

  17. what is the name of your lipstik plis.

  18. Shelly Ann says:

    Nice. You also still actually look like you. MANY of the youtube girls who do makeup tutorials don't look like themselves after the makeup. It's like a different person.

  19. I didnt realize that your name was Rose until you said it. You were like "Rose I love you" and I thought you were talking to me (how she know my name?). Then I looked at your youtube name and I'm like oh lmao

  20. would it look right if i just used concealer and foundation

  21. youre even prettier without makeup!!!! #slayyyy

  22. I don't think your foundation is too light I just think you used way too much color corrector and its making you look light and orange. You should only use a minimal amount on that one area. Not the whole face.

  23. let me ask you something, are you going to have that make up or different kinds on WHEN YOUR PREGNANT? and I don't mean when the first noticing of your pregnancy happens I'm talking about when you have kids…. are they going to see a makeup artist/mother the first time ever or are they going to see you actually for you? also, will you be showing them your beautiful the way god made you when you were born? aka with no lipstick, no dyed nails, no eye liner, no eye shadow, no eye brow straighteners, curlers? have you already got implants? have you already gotten a boobjob? have you had any body part "jobs" done to you already? how do you want your kids to see you? as a person undisguised by clothing to depict who you are or a perfected chocolate cake?

  24. B Cieka says:

    i love u skin.. i have many dark spot even my skin is bright. to find match color very hard for me bcause sometimes my skin look like pain. i have cousin dark skin like u.. i adore her tone skin.. easy to care and hide from pimples.. but she's alway said wanna skin like me and try anyproduct to brighten..

  25. Tamara R says:

    New subbie here! Literally just went through some of your videos and I love your tutorials and your personality! ♥️

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