Foundation Highlight & Contour Makeup Tutorial pt.1 | Ellarie

So this is one of the many ways I like to highlight and contour! There are so many great products and brushes out there that it switches up from time to time, so I will do update video along the way. It may not work for everybody but since I’m always asked how I do mine I thought I would share, enjoy!

Products Used:
Motives Perfecting Face Primer
Mac Studio Fix Fluid – NC50
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer – NC42
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Motives Color Perfecting Quad – Dark
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish – Dark
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish – Gold Deposit
Motives Empress Blush

Hair & Makeup Addiction
Morphe Brushes

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  1. LaLa Monroe says:

    Goodness the growth !!!

  2. Megan Murray says:

    Love the new background!

  3. Bell Pereira says:

    Oi por favor gostaria que usasse legenda nos seus vídeos extraordinários pois não sei o inglês! te Acho o máximo e gostaria de entende melhor o q vc fala. beijoooos!

  4. Ashley House says:

    your such a inspiration! I love to look at big Bloggers first videos to get encouragement since I'm a newbie myself awesomeness!!

  5. Your so pretty with and without makeup!

  6. Aida Ngam says:

    Your make up is really amazing darling

  7. rita johnson says:

    wanna download this but how?

  8. rita johnson says:

    wanna download this but how?

  9. rita johnson says:

    how do I download ur videos

  10. rita johnson says:

    how do I download ur videos

  11. Can you please do your favorite makeup bag and makeup bag essentials. Thanks xoxo

  12. I love your makeup, I am not a fan of wearing alot of makeup but I love the flawless look of it…. just to let you know tho you do not have a wide nose or struggle cheekbones you have a beautiful face without makeup. IJS

  13. ester anka says:


  14. Love your channel! Question: Do you do personalized FaceTime Calls lol? I can not contour to save my life! Do you recommend powder or liquid contouring for beginners/strugglers?! Thanks!

  15. hi love this video. where in the US , can i buy the ben nye Banana powder? any shop i can go to, please. i live in dubai but i travel a lot, i just need to know a shop i can go to. Thank you Ellarie

  16. Your blending is A1

  17. OMG I just love this sooo much! you're so beautiful! Perfect Makeup tutorial!

  18. Juelz Louis says:

    Awesomeness. I will try this! Best tutorial!

  19. Sassy Sugar says:

    she's using everything I have and she's my same skin color ..I don't know anything about makeup lol…

  20. Sadie Baxter says:

    I love how natural the look is

  21. how do you correctly pick out your foundation

  22. Love love love this the best I've seen thus far

  23. vanswty says:

    I have a mole there too! lol. Maybe I should be more proud of it 😉

  24. You are beautiful. I'm really pale, but these are amazing tips for anyone. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Robin Watson says:

    its crazy how i pin so many pictures of you on pinterest and just now discovering your channel…

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