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I know the foundation color does not match my chest!! I was sunburnt from the day before.
Look for the shade that matches your skin color and tone, take time to apply the foundation the right way – some people like to use a beauty blender or a makeup brush. It may be easier to match your skin tone with a foundation color at an Ulta or Sephora, so you can actually see which one matches your skin tone best.

*So sorry that the end cut off! youtube obviously wasn’t happy about my long video!*

SIGMA BRUSHES: (where you can purchase the F80 that I used)

Sorry the video is so choppy!
I had to edit it big time to cut down on the time, hope you dont mind!
ALSO, I totally forgot to mention my favorite MAC foundation of all time. Prolong wear foundation. its a HD foundation, lasts all day, for all skin types, water proof and doesn’t rub off. it means business!
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