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***microblading is NOT permanent!

HIIIIII 😀 Two days ago I went for my second microblading appointment! I heard about this technique through a friend and I thought it would be cool to try out for the summer!! I did my first treatment about 6 weeks ago. I wanted to try it out first so I was able to give my real honest opinion. So now for round 2 I can honestly say this is awesome!! After my first appointment, my brows stayed super dark for about a week. They lightened a lot and looked a lot more natural! I think after I wait a week from this appointment they will be perfect! She likes to gradually do them which I love. Especially for those scared to try it! I Will update you guys next week on my final thoughts!! But as of right now I love them and I think this procedure is so cool!!! What do you guys think?? Would you try it? BTW I am such a baby when it comes to pain. I have the worst pain tolerance. So for this not to hurt me says a lot!! Make sure you do your research before trying this out. You don’t want to go to just anybody. Make sure they are certified and have other pictures to show you before you risk having any complications. If you guys have any other questions feel free to comment below and I will try my best to answer all of them!! XOXOXO Carli

Thank you Camila for allowing me to film my experience!
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  1. Emily Rosa says:

    Hey Carly, just got my eyebrows retouched this past Sunday. Love mine too!

  2. OMG you live in NJ?!1?1?

  3. Maria xoxo says:


  4. C RD says:

    Carli's brows were already perfect…

  5. Hmm I don't like that it bleeds…

  6. Lorrie Panza says:

    I was told not to drink caffeine before and she had coffee? lol.

  7. Lorrie Panza says:

    Yes. It's very painful, but worth it.

  8. You are so beautiful and I'm in love with your personality

  9. you mind me of mila kunis

  10. – sees innocent kids getting off bus but are in the way –
    Her : awww but their so cute *snarls *
    ME AF

  11. Moliknz says:

    "It's 11:38 pm" at 0:26 but ummmm the windows…?

  12. Do you have lash extensions too? 🙂 id like to know more if you do !!

  13. [fijiqueen ] says:

    Shoot, I'd do this.

  14. this was very interesting ,Kind of scary though, how much was the cost ?
    simply love love the kittens, It would also be nice to have a tour of the new place, And your just such a beautiful inspiration to this world . Never stop . keep bringing on the beauty and the love, you got the talent and the skills .hugs meows,

  15. Wow they look amazing !!!

  16. looks so painful!

  17. The ultimate white girl right here can't believe people like this exist.

  18. retrobanana6 says:

    Hollyannaree does this too

  19. Agnese Skuja says:

    Like for the cat!

  20. Lyla Revilla says:

    hey could anyone tell me what camera is she using here

  21. Your little babies though! So cute, I can't take it! =)

  22. Is no one gonna comment about her eyes in the thumbnail haha so gorgeous

  23. Jessica says:

    I get so sad seeing people wear makeup to get their eyebrows microbladed and then the makeup wipes off 🙁

  24. ASMR Ella says:

    Hey Carli, do you still have a Nume code?

  25. aftonskye says:

    Carli, what vlog camera is this?? Thank you!

  26. Ummm if it's 11:38 pm y is it light

  27. Micro blading has me so curious!

  28. Teeny & Tiny says:

    omg. Looks painful

  29. BTS ARMY says:

    You are incredibly beautiful, I'm so jealous

  30. Miss Masonya says:

    The things women do for beauty…

  31. your reaction to the deer is literally me anytime I see something like that. I always freak out. glad other people do as well

  32. Does anyone know the song playing between 07.52 – 08.30??? its driving me crazy!!!

  33. Omg your eyes are sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!

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