Getting ready for an Indian Wedding ( Makeup + Hairstyle )

A video tutorial ( or just a vlog on my first proper makeup trial , can say ) on Makeup and hairstyle idea for an Indian outfit .
Hope you enjoy ! Don’t forget to give it a THUMBS UP cause thumbs are adorable , come on .

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  1. Maddie Hylton says:

    so beautiful!!

  2. Beauty by Celina says:

    Love it! you actually did way better than i did when i first started
    wearing makeup! great job hun!! thank you for your sweet comment on my
    channel just subbed you back <333

  3. Ankita Kukreti says:

    Beautiful <3

  4. Lifeasaudrey says:

    I levee your traditional wear and style of make up! You looked so
    beautiful! New subbie here :)

  5. Ritu Manav says:

    Looking gorgeous vanshita
    Good job

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