HAIR HACKS | for fine and thin hair

This video I’m going to be sharing 3 different tricks and styles you can do to make your fine hair look like it has a little more volume!

E xx

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  1. How so you deal with humidity? I have to wear a hat most of the summer because my hair falls flat and frizzles out.

  2. Lithostoic says:

    Thank you! My hair is thin but not fine, I have a hard time finding cute hairstyles.

  3. I have more fine / thin hair on top. And have a bit more hair in the length . So i think i would still need more volume on the crown.

  4. Lydia361000 says:

    Please note this: Hair spray, sprayed on the scalp, used regularly–especially in one particular area, can eventually make you lose hair in that area. Be careful with hairspray–never use it on a daily basis.

  5. Rinee n says:

    See even at the beginning your hair has some texture and body already. It doesn't sit against your head like a helmet, like mine. How can I ever get the hair like that? My hair is so fine, like the individual strands are thin. It doesn't like to hold curl from heat, usually only I can do sleeping with it wet. Even a good blowout only really stays for most of the day. Any tips??

  6. Jazz Jazz says:

    U r so beautiful

  7. I wish she wouldn't curl it cause any thin hair can look thicker already by just curling it

  8. to be honest… if you really have fine/thin hair it not smart to use heat on it. (and reallly don't bleach).. its like so essential that you take care of your hair and keep as much as possible…

  9. Love them all especially the third one ❤️

  10. You're super pretty and I loved the third hairstyle, I actually took that advice and used it for my own hair. Thank you! I now feel more confident about my hair because it feels and looks like it as a lot more volume which covers my ears. Thank you for sharing this, keep it up!

  11. nafis imtiaz says:

    hey Erin! hope you're having a good day today!
    I havefine hair and the struggle is real at times i know. Your hairstyles are so beautiful and they look very classy on you I'm in love. I'm a huge fan of your videos because they're the only ones I find the solutions from for my hair problems and perhaps because I feel my hair texture is pretty similar to yours.
    thank you so much for these hairstyle videos they are amazing and really REALLY helpful.
    Much love!

  12. I dont even have enough hair for these .

  13. bindy thecat says:

    Thin hair is mine! Scalp showing! She does not have thin hair!

  14. For everyone who doesn't know the difference and the appropriate hair terms, lol. Fine hair= small strands, diameter of hair strand is small. Thin hair= low hair density, not much hair on the head, sometimes there's a wider part and visible scalp. Coarse hair= strand diameter is large. Thick hair= high hair density, lots of hair on the head, scalp is usually not super visible at the part or sides.

  15. Love it! I do the last one a lot. It is adorable.

  16. Juli T says:

    OMG!!!! Who are all of these super unhappy women criticizing the definition of fine hair. Her hair is INDEED fine. Bitter critical women make all women look bad. Please stop!

  17. Chiara P says:

    I. CANT. FLIP. MY. HAIR. AND. LOOK. GOOD!!!! imma go jump off a cliff

  18. Please teach me how to curly hair like yours..

  19. …. I mean, I really like the last one, but I don't have enough hair to do that so . . .

  20. Kairos T says:

    Heat really damages hair, i used to voluminous/normal hair but after using hair curler for a looong time i have so thin hair now ugh 🙁

  21. Jenn W says:

    You should've mentioned in the title that you already styled your hair to give it texture and volume

  22. I have really thin hair like everyone always says you have really thin hair. I was told I have baby hair lol I hate it!

  23. you have a lot of hair in my opinion. Maybe your hair strands are fine but you still have a lot of hair on your head and a nice face shape….I have thin hair strands and thin hair with a round face lol lol I must continue my search!

  24. My hair is like 1cm longer than urs

  25. kaila powell says:

    she has 2x more hair than i do its so sad

  26. Lily says:

    great video girly

  27. I saw the comments before I watched the video and thought man they're being tough on her but you know what? They're right. You do NOT have thin hair, you have fine hair. If you had thin hair, you would understand the distinction and would never try to attract people to your video with a title "for fine and thin hair".

  28. Avery Dorsey says:

    I litterly can't part my hair on the other side because of my bangs. lol

  29. Leah says:

    That last hairstyle is SO cute and I never would have thought of doing that!

  30. sue lester says:

    ur hair isnt thin. be thankful

  31. sue lester says:

    was ur hair dirty for the video? not being sarcastic it just looks greasy I thought maybe you did that for the video for some reason

  32. It's_Meh says:

    For the first one (changing ur parting) I found if u constantly use this technique, your hair doesn't know what way to grow and I ended up having shit hair cause it couldn't hold place

  33. Thank you, I hate my thin hair because it's so thin and I guess it's natural to have really thin hair now I can use some of these to make myself feel better about my thin hair. Thanks

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