Hooded Asian Eyes Client Makeup Tutorial ♡ Jasmine Hand

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Hey babes! I hope you guys enjoyed watching this client tutorial! Please continue to leave all your client tutorial requests down below, I love reading what you guys want to learn/see. Thanks so much for all the love and support recently seriously, it means alot. Considering I’m such an average girl that loves makeup, I’m so lucky to share my passion with people like you! hahaha I’m not meaning to get all lame but i just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate every comment left on my videos! MBJ out xoxox

Leave a comment saying ‘i just stepped on a toad’ bahhahha i actually really struggle to come up with weird sentences although I’m legit the weirdest person out haha

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♡ Products Used ♡
Garner Micellar Water
Mac Prep + Prime Fit + Spray
Benefit Porefessional Matte Gel Primer
Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC37
Maybelline Fit Me Conealer in Light
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Hoola Bronzer Benefit Cosmetics
Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit
The Balm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Chocolate)
Tarte Cosmetics Clay Paint Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadows (Morocco, Blanc, Fudge)
Model Rock Lashes (236)
Gerard Cosmetics Cher Lip Liner – http://bit.ly/1sAfUU2 (Use code Jaz25 for $ off)
Gerard Cosmetics Rodeo Drive Lipstick- http://bit.ly/2aLfXpM (Use code Jaz25 for $ off)
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

♡ Brushes Used ♡
Rebonne Brushes – https://www.rebonne.com

Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Stippling Brush (Primer)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Foundation)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Concealer)
Rebonne Large Highlighter Brush (Baking)
PONi Cosmetics Eyebrow Brush (Brows)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Brow Sculpting)
Mac 135 Brush
Crown Brushes C511 – Pro Blending Fluff Brush (Nose Contour)
Zoeva Blush Brush (Blush)
Rebonne Small Highlighter Brush- http://bit.ly/29MGVfx (Highlighter)
Spectrum Cosmetics Large Powder Brush (Powder)
Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush (Transition Shade- Morocco)
Zoeva 223 Cream Shader (Blanc Shaddow) – This is not the one i used but the one i used in the vid is no longer available but i found one the exact same!
Mac 217 Brush (Fudge Eyeshaddow)
Zoeva 238 Luxe Precise Shader (Lower lash line)
Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer (Blending lower lash line) – Once again this is a brush that is no longer available but this one is very similar
XO Beauty Winged Liner Brush
BH Cosmetics Lip Brush (Came with a set i bought ages ago!)

Disposable mascara wands: http://bit.ly/2aO9w55
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♡ Equipment ♡

Camera used: Canon 600D
Edited on: Final Cut Pro X

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♡ Music ♡
Konac – Home [NCS Release]
Tobu – Roots [NCS Release]

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  1. Amazing make up, please more vídeos about it…..

  2. Everyone is arguing that the model doesn't have monolids. The title say hooded Asia eyes!

  3. So Go says:

    you're an artist! I loved it ❤

  4. googlegrl007 says:

    True not monopod but more more more like these please….thanks

  5. For her without make up and beautiful..

  6. For her without make up and beautiful..

  7. Ruby Pei says:

    please do a MONOLID tutorial

  8. Your Asian friend is very pretty!
    You have an awesome way with makeup! I love watching your videos!

  9. grace m says:

    she ended it up looking just like Mulan!! so beautiful

  10. Too heavy makeup for her eyes and face
    She would need more natural brighter
    Coz her eyes are small and the lighter color would suit her better..

  11. K. Catrina says:

    blush is like my 1st makeup items, and İ only wear it w/ the brussh from this place
    ❖→ https://mobile.twitter.com/_lecari/status/862137677251887105
    You must grab one and try it for yours! It is really worth it

  12. Lucy SOMEONE says:

    I have to say this makeup make her look 10 years older, too heavy and dark

  13. Hello, Jasmine. First I have to tell yoi that I absolutely love your makeup art and tutorials and everything about your work. I am a freelance makeup artist here in India. I just totally love your quick yet detailed tutorials. I am starting to build my portfolio and I needed your help to know the best camera and lighting for filming your videos and photos. Also if you could help me with the best ways to edit videos. Thanks !!!

  14. Yang Song says:

    The model was kept talking…looks strange..

  15. i just stepped on a toad

  16. do you have any make up vids of dupe foundations vs high end?

  17. Very helpful ❤️ thank u

  18. This looks amazing. I will try it. thank you

  19. I just stepped on a toad

  20. Ngan Nguyen says:

    The model talk a lot. 😀

  21. G4wl0 says:

    She does not even have a mono lid. She has a small double lid.

  22. Amy Kim says:

    Amazing work!!! You are really good at what you do! Your friend looks great.

  23. hennie puzz says:

    wow… so detail..so beautiful.. your hand is like a magic… I love to see your works…

  24. Jesus SAVES says:

    ugly without makeup

  25. its only makeup why everyone complain like I don't get it, she's a beauty

  26. jcjccmz says:

    I don't understand why certain makeup artists take a very youthful asian face and turn it into dragon lady with dark, heavy brows. it just doesn't suit the person's features at all. i saw pixiwoo's horrendous video where they do the same thing. it doesn't have to be just a natural look either. I've seen jungsaemmool create lots of different looks, and her models end up looking sophisticated, cool and ready for a magazine cover, while this look kinda shouts: "my mom took me to the makeup counter for the first time in my all-white town and this is how i ended up by the time the estee lauder lady finished with me."

  27. cuitaojunkai says:

    Honestly, she looks so young and sweet without the makeup you do on her face.

  28. Novie Garcia says:

    Can you do my eye make up? Because I havent seen any tutorial with monolids like mine!

  29. xoxmariika says:

    I literally binge watching your videos! omg they are just so good that i ended up buying some of the products you used on your clients hahaha omg <3

  30. most beautiful woman I seen without makeup!

  31. What's with all the negative comments wtf…. I'm not Asian but I feel like everyone is just talking crap because it happens to be something different so now everyone is a critic.

    As for people complaining about any of the makeup, she was clearly doing a glam look on the model? So what are you all complaining about? Yes, she may look nice without as much makeup, but this video never said natural look??

    This girl is an awesome makeup artist, and for people complaining about the brows looking like a drag queen, then you need to have a better look and also have a look around because drawn on eyebrows are extremely popular right now in case some of you haven't noticed??

    I'd like to see some of you do makeup on her or anyone else on camera for that matter.

  32. MARISA BASSO says:

    to me she diesnt have hooded eyes. i have very heavy upper lids…. and you wouldnt put shadow on lids with hoods…you dont see it and drags it down more.

  33. u got ur wording wrong.. her eyes are'nt hooded, she has double lids… 'hooded' means mono-lids.

  34. Ashlene says:

    People keep going on about how her make up is too much, but to be honest some people look at tutorials for more proper full make up looks, I can do my natural make up I like looking at tutorials for different drastic or full looks for when I go out. Which this would be perfect for, for someone that has hooded asian eyes.

  35. I'm sorry but not understanding why some are saying monolid the title doesn't say that at all it says asian hooded lids! Great look love it! Keep doing your thing girl!

  36. She is gorgeous!!!

  37. I just stepped on a toad

  38. Mona Chua says:

    Love this tutorial. Your model is so beautiful.

  39. Joy Loh says:

    Was anyone else thinking how tf was that a monolid?!?

  40. Yolandalyc says:

    this really isn't a good, modern look on asian faces.

  41. Maya Durand says:

    Per fuel complex security guidance off downtown smile.

  42. Raydz P says:

    Why is the model talking? It's distracting.

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