How To Apply Eyeshadow – Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Beginners!

Hey friends! Today I wanted to break down eyeshadow application and make it super easy to follow so you can easily achieve ANY makeup look whether it be minimal, natural, smokey or colorful! Ask me any questions below and subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one!

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*How To Slay Winged Liner
*How To Apply Lashes

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  1. Brianna Fox says:

    Hey guys! Makeup Geek just came out with their In The Nude eyeshadow palette with 9 eyeshadows (including some of the ones I used in this video!) Right now you can get it for 10% off with the code "BRIANNAFOX" at checkout! (I am compensated from that)

  2. Asra • says:

    Thank you for a beginners video!!!

  3. Love the way you explain each step. Thank you. You're amazing, gurl.

  4. Alecia Grace says:

    So very helpful!! This is great!

  5. Hey Brianna, really lovin your tutorial and most of all your lipstick !! xx Can you tell me the one that you are wearing in this tutorial ? 🙂 Loves the tone your actually wearing in many of your videos, any other lipstick to recommend ? I love nude color but I do not find the right one like I am blond too :/

  6. This was one of the best eyeshadow application tutorial I ever seen. I loved the way you went step by step and it's making total sense now. Thank you very much!!!

  7. This was a great video and was done like a professional 🙂

  8. Rhae Martin says:

    I'm loving your videos! This one us awesome. Eyebrows bugged me that they aren't even in middle. But you are gorgeous

  9. Silla says:

    Love how detailed you are with explaining! I was holding my brush wrong and positioning my mirror incorrectly. Best I've seen on a how to. Thanks!

  10. Joanna Ayala says:

    11:43 my favorite moment. You can thank me later.

  11. This is the best eyeshadow tutorial I've ever seen! Great job!

  12. Nice to see a tutorial instructor with blue eyes (they are usually all brown-eyed Kardashian coloring), BUT…I'm not a fan of reddish shadows on blue eyes, looks like you've been crying.

  13. I love that you teach step by step!! You're amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Kalcey Brown says:

    So helpful. Straight to the point and definitely useful tips for how to hold the brushes. I always had trouble with that. Thank YOU

  15. Amanda Brown says:

    This was TRULY an incredibly helpful video. This was the golden video YouTube was missing!

    Thank you!

  16. Best eyeshadow tutorial ever!

  17. Amazing video, Brianna, thank you so much. I've been doing eyeshadow for a very long time, but all the precise detail you went into was very very helpful; can't wait to use your techniques. God bless!

  18. Love how you explain everything how and why, do's and don'ts! Really great videos, keep it up girl!!

  19. Ella says:

    The best video EVER!!! ♡ ♡ ♥

  20. Mena Khadka says:

    talk too much
    so disgusting

  21. your tips are cool buh I think less talking will do

  22. you helped me so much!!

  23. you are so good at doing your makeup and i wish you could do my makeup because you are so good at doing makeup and I love these kind of videos and I was wondering if we could talk together sometime and I love your nail polish and I was wondering where did you get your nail polish from and I like to see a get ready with me or a makeup review and a lipstick collection and keep up the wonderful work on your videos

  24. Shrewsbaby says:

    This is the video I needed!

  25. Paige Taylor says:

    So helpful!! Thank you. Xx

  26. This was an awesome video, thank you.

  27. Best tutorial I've ever watched. I was literally doing everything wrong and I had no idea!

  28. Jon Hope says:

    super super helpful for a refresher for me going back to basics. I've been amping up my eyeshadow looks lately and just playing around with harder stuff but I really needed a refresher on just the basics lol so thanks for this video it helped me out a lot. you're my fave person to watch for tutorials. so good at explaining and going reallyy in depth

  29. You Made It Look So Easy! Watching You Has Made Me Realize All The Mistakes I Made And Continue To Make Trying To Put Eyeshadow On. Thank You!

  30. Thanks very helpful!

  31. Niamh says:

    this was SO helpful. you explained everything so well. thank you!!

  32. Nona Mhmmed says:

    I like all your Videos

  33. So, my only question is when you're doing colors such as purple or blue, what kind of transition shades do you use for that?

  34. Hijab S. says:

    is she an upgraded version of trisha paytas

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