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One thing I get a lot of questions about is exactly how to apply liquid foundation, so here are some tips on what to do. There are several different ways you can apply a liquid foundation. I have for example, three different brushes here that I use. There’s the regular flat foundation brush that is used for liquids, obviously. You can also use this type of brush for contouring, different things that are a little more specific. You can also use a fluffier brush like this. You want to make sure that they’re synthetic fibers because real hair is a little more coarse, so it’ll soak up the liquids. It’ll glide a little bit better as long as the fibers are synthetic in the brush.

Then I also have a kind of flatter brush which is better for buffing. This one will build coverage a little bit more than something that’s a little more loose like this one. So if you’re looking for fuller coverage you can do something like this.

Then the last option is a sponge, trusty old sponge. I would say in amounts of coverage, you’re looking at most with this one, next with this one, next one down and probably about the least amount of coverage you’d get with a sponge because a sponge soaks up a little bit of the foundation with it.

Today I’ll just show you a quick little way to apply it with a brush, because maybe that’s something new to some people. Sponges are pretty typical. I’m going to use this buffing foundation brush and a little bit of Make Up Forever HD foundation. I love this foundation. It’s great for cameras, it’s great for pictures, film, whatever you’re doing. It looks very flawless on the skin and it can be a range of coverage. You can sheer it out, make it more natural or you can build it up and get it to full coverage. It’s also oil free and good for any skin type.

So, what I’m going to do is just take a little squirt on the back of my hand, you don’t have to do this, you could always squirt some on your fingers, do a few dabs across the main areas of the face and then buff it out. But I like to use my hand as a palette. So I’m going to take a little bit, load the brush like this, make sure it’s evenly into the brush, and I’m going to start by applying it in buffing motions. So I’m just kind of doing it on the jaw line right now.

One of the main areas that people get redness is right through this area in here. So usually when I’m starting from scratch with my make-up, I’ll start in this area and then kind of build outwards with the foundation. But it’s really, really simple. Anyone can do this at home. Applying a little bit, kind of take it onto the forehead. You can buff it. It’s nice because I already have some foundation on, but this is just building the coverage and it still doesn’t look cakey. That’s why I love this foundation. A little more on the tip of the nose where I get a little bit of redness. And that’s how you apply liquid foundation.




  3. erika torres says:

    you already have makeup girl?

  4. Jen Train says:

    What a waste of my time. You just gave a lecture not the actual demo.

  5. your already wearing foundation….can't see the difference. pointless video

  6. She is a beautiful girl but my gawd that is a lot of make up on such young skin. Girls go natural and love it, a little blush, mascara and a clear lip gloss. I have never ever used any foundation , eyeliners etc. When you apply mascara to your bottom lashes it looks like you applied a liner without that liner look. Even if you have flaws go natural with what I mentioned, no need for all that foundation on such young skin. Can you imagine that face in 90 degree weather outside enjoying the sun. A really nice moisturizer is all you girls need, a good oil free one. A nice face soap like caress or dove to clean your face as well. We have three daughters and they all go natural for I have taught them to embrace their flawless, beautiful young skin from day one. Use oil free and alcohol free toners as well for them troubled areas. Again she is a beautiful young lady but dear gawd I'd not use all that foundation on your skin. To bad she didn't show us a non make up face to her make up face. Which is why I clicked this to see the difference.

  7. ThingsILike says:

    true that … if you are telling us how to apply foundation you need to start from the scratch and not when your make up is on your face… disappointed !

  8. Gymnast 101 says:

    Thanks! That really helped

  9. GMONEY 21 says:

    all the makeup in the world won't make you less insecure

  10. shrtjha547 says:

    Is this a makeup tutorial…like seriously…you didn't bother to put off your makeup before making this video…joke!!!!
    Why to waste others' time when you are so concerned about your looks…..!

  11. Nicole says:

    shes already wearing make up so whats the point?

  12. Guys, it says on my Superdrugs powder brush to apply the powder to the face and 'décolletage in light sweeping circular motions'.

    What the hell does it mean by 'décolletage'??? I looked it up and it means a low neckline on a dress or top-_-.

  13. h zulqarnain says:

    please wash the face and then tell us how to apply liquied foundation

  14. h zulqarnain says:

    you have already makeup on your face

  15. she looks like she has no neck lol

  16. To all the people complaining about how she's already wearing makeup: the point of the video is to show you HOW to apply the makeup (like the techniques, tools, etc), not show you what it looks like when you do.

  17. omg ur so beautiful

  18. huma fatima says:

    oh god so much pile of makeup u already applied.

  19. huma fatima says:

    excuse me i just hate ur annoying voice,pl pl pl talk in a soft voice.thanks.

  20. you looking beautifull

  21. Sandra Puii says:

    worst video ever

  22. rubbing your foundation into your skin is the worst thing you can do

  23. You are already wearing makeup what's the point watching this video

  24. Beautiful.  thanks for the video.

  25. Howcast, make a vid of how your videos are so bad

  26. Krooza Mia says:

    Make up over make up?? Disappointed!

  27. Medhat N says:

    you really helped us know how to apply it when you ALREADY applied it before filming the video! Ow wait, i was being sarcastic. It doesnt help at all!

  28. Ely Ramirez says:

    no help at all, why in the world would she be applying foundation after already having makeup on

  29. To me this video was completely pointless.

  30. You look anorexic

  31. She already has foundation on

  32. Wei Wen Teng says:

    that type of sponge gives the least coverage. some triangular disposable sponge gets more coverage because it's softer. the softer the sponge the better the coverage

  33. Ken May says:

    Doesn't she look like the future Maddy Ziegler?

  34. Hi, really enjoyed your post.
    what brand brush is it you're using for buffing.

  35. ok for those of u who r yelling about her having it on she is just showing how to put it on not how much covreage it gives 🙂 just so u know

  36. chnaowful says:

    someone knows what foundation brush she uses in this tutorial? thanks

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