Natural Bigger Lips | DIY Lip Plumper
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  1. Step 1: Already have big lips

  2. My lips didn’t burn

  3. Hazel K says:

    My lips are bleeding thanks alot

  4. Chowi Simba says:

    The thumb nail is jadeywadey

  5. Kuro Usagi says:

    Soz like I did this but I'm still unsatisfied it didn't plump alot, I mean I know u have to do it a few times but like If I just did it, can I do it again straight away?

  6. Megan McCann says:

    How long does this last?

  7. how long will they last?

  8. Anaphobia a says:

    my lips are not tingling, what am I supposed to do?

  9. A.I.A Squad says:

    Why is everyone trynna look like Kylie Jenner smh ?

  10. JUST DO THE KYLIE JENNER CHANLLENGE PEOPLE I DONT NEED THEM IM BLACK I GOT PLUMP LIPS (lenny face) But yah just do the kylie jenner chanllenge :p

  11. does this last all day?

  12. Really I didn't see no difference stop wasting money You better get a cup and suck

  13. Tane Clark says:

    your lips look great….Im going to try your regime….it looks fun….

  14. you already had hella large lips.

  15. I don't get why you would even want big lips…

  16. Sweet toto says:

    it's really born my lips

  17. Norima Osaka says:

    im confused. you already have plump lips.

  18. Katiekeyes says:

    wow!!! it actually worked for me!! and when I put on my plumping lip gloss it tingled way more. Thank you for this hack 🙂

  19. LifeasKK 2 says:

    She should of put on a before and after

  20. Please do this on someone who doesn't have full lips.

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