How to get pink lips/ Lighten dark lips naturally at home/ DIY miracle remedies

Lighten your dark lips naturally at home and get pink lips naturally at home

Are you having problems with bad, dry, dark lips? Do you wish to have soft pinks naturally? Do you expect your dark lips to turn into pink Lips? Then do not worry! These 4 best remedies to help you lighten your Dry patchy lips and glow them into Pink shiny Rose. This best tips as practiced regularly will give a amazing results with a 100% guarantee. Practice this natural methods at your home. Go Natural with Zero Side effects!

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  1. atifa Farhat says:

    Insanoo kay moon khatam ho gay hain Kia.

  2. Kitten Mitts says:

    how to get picture perfect pink lips

  3. Sofi Jeeva says:

    video YouTube podurathu happy ila u liep LA podu photo la podura

  4. Mohd. Aatif says:

    he is a boy showing u and I don't think boys want pink lips

  5. lecheflAnka says:

    so am I hahahaha

  6. Sadia Sifat says:

    Our pic's lip will be red not our!!!!!!!!!:(

  7. OMG is she in love with the picture?


  9. Y sari remedies kia ak he dafa m karni h ya in m say koii ak karni ha

  10. Liayen Ng says:

    seriously??? hahaha

  11. How many pictures will i need for the whole transformation

  12. Where's ma rose/pink lip squad at?

  13. disgusting its nt work out

  14. ayesha zahin says:

    why she put it into the picture

  15. Chaι says:

    Lmao she could just show half her face and then apply it

  16. Fatima zafar says:

    So irretating music

  17. Lubna Gul says:

    Hahaha Soo funny..
    Pink lips of picture

  18. Ranjeet Kaur says:

    what is this why u aply on picture

  19. zee says:

    can i do this in my friends home

  20. C Campbell says:


  21. Anil Devasi says:

    Form Where to get i that picture ..
    and by applying there How my lips be Normal ..☺
    Any how the Person is luck he was seen by millions of Girls

  22. Sania Sk says:

    haha so funny y she don't have lips

  23. Mr Vicky says:

    hahahahahah mam are you mad or make mad to people?

  24. Nida Nasim says:

    All I wanna say is "HAHAHAHAHA..You have a good sense of humour" :*

  25. Nida Nasim says:

    All I wanna say is "HAHAHAHAHA..You have a good sense of humour" :*

  26. AA Fathima says:

    haha why she can't find any lips to apply

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