Here’s a quick lip tutorial sharing with you guys some of my tips and tricks on how to make small lips look bigger/fuller.

WARNING: This is up close and personal… you’ll be able to see all my pores.. pimples.. and more haha

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Nathalie 🙂


  1. I love u and ur channel ur my role model

  2. Jana Amor says:

    tutorial how to make lips smaller from big please

  3. great tips .. gonna try it out

  4. damn so much hate. let her do what she loves! you look awesome, girl!

  5. Tulip says:

    sun tanning your face in the sun for 15 min to 30 min makes your lips bigger.

  6. learned absolutely nothing new from this video.

  7. Rouge & Noir says:

    plz subscribe on my channel plz plz girls

  8. Danis Ahmed says:

    Camel jaise lips bna diye hein stupid girl

  9. Ana Karina says:

    Where is your top from?

  10. Ekin Özalp says:

    Ablacım sikeyim seni çok çirkinsin o dudak ne öyle o burun ne öyle güzelleşen diye bok ettin orospuuu

  11. Ekin Özalp says:

    Youre nose is very ugly

  12. Nisar Ahmad says:

    you are lips are very bad

  13. simpsoned27 says:

    Why would anyone want lips that look like a Kardashian or a Jenner? Leave you lips alone — to alter them makes them appear fake. Be real. Don't be a phony.

  14. u don't need them u have naturally beautiful lips.

  15. her face looks so cakey

  16. like si alguien a visto sus vídeos en español hola mexicano s

  17. anjali says:

    it seems like i am the only one who dont wear makeup at all.

  18. Galaxy Girl says:

    Holy fuck………. dude. Let your EYEBALLS SHINE, let your SKIN BREATH…

  19. i hate this video she is making her lips nasty

  20. I bet you have stinky breath with your mouth open, pretending to make it look big

  21. JASMEET KOUR says:

    You look so fake its really rubbish

  22. Kailah Riley says:

    my friend said she hates god

  23. life says:

    and how can I do the opposite

  24. Sonam Patil says:

    Kapil Sharma ki wife ki tarah bade lips. be simple that's genuine.

  25. Klein Kzcc says:

    c'est magnifique

  26. I like small lips not lips like pigs and buffalo

  27. more kiss to your boyfriend and then u will see… ;)…without lipstick…

  28. Big lips are nice but big eyes are most nice.

  29. ples I won't to do.can you mek

  30. Kangaroo says:

    Amazing ! I love your tips !

  31. Jay Atkinson says:

    Darling girl, you already have gorgeous lips. These vids need to be made by those with naturally slimmer lips… otherwise we are just throwing our money away… you are beautiful and don't need this gunk! xxx

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