I CUT MY OWN HAIR! Carli Bybel

Do you like my haircut?!! 😀

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Hi my beauties!!! Today I decided to CUT MY HAIR! Since It’s been WAY to long since I’ve cut these locks, I decided to film it 🙂 I’ve been technically trying to grow out my hair since 9th grade. I have had so many complications – Japanese straightening, tons of bleach and tons of heat damage. So the struggle has been REAL! I’ve been cutting my own hair for about 6 years or so.. maybe even longer actually. I always had bad experiences when I went to someone for a haircut so I forced myself to learn!

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*Keratin treatment I have done in the past is called GK Keratin
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  1. your hair is life girl !

  2. She looks like a younger channon rose

  3. Hi Carli! what you think about eyelashes extensions??? help meee! blesses 🙂

  4. Today i tried cutting my own bangs…..

    I instantly regretted my decision :')

  5. your skin is GLOWING!!

  6. Viva La Gina says:

    You are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Amanda says:

    k, i dont wanna spam, but sign up at influenster and fill out some surveys to potentially get the same kinda influencer boxers these YouTubers get sent to em.

  8. long hair dont care!!!

  9. Leslie Reyes says:

    omg the part at 9:33 actually scared me lmaoooo it was dark in my room

  10. Mia more says:

    Great job !! you are absolutely beautiful!! thanks for sharing.. your kitty is to precious…you rock!!!! thanks for sharing!!

  11. Omg you are so pretty btw!! But you're making me miss my old hair!!! I recently cut it and I miss my long hair soooo much, it take forever to grow back

  12. Are Keratin treatments good for very fine frizzy hair?

  13. You need to do a new closet tour!!!

  14. How are you able to go so long without cutting your hair and it not show split ends?

  15. I'm not sure if you have already, but could you show how you clean your brushes?

  16. Anya evia says:

    how often & what kind of keratin treatments do you do? Your hair is gorgeous

  17. Guys does anyone know what mix of breed chai is? I know she's a Scottish fold but what else?

  18. I wish I had the confidence for this!!

  19. Kay S says:

    Carly! You should prank Brett and your family by wearing a short wig and act like you actually cut your hair and then film their reactions! lol please Like so she sees!

  20. You Beans says:

    Donate it! Your hair is so beautiful!

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