Indian Wedding Makeup for a Beautiful Bride

Indian Wedding Makeup for a Beautiful Bride By Meenakshi Dutt

In this pretty Indian wedding makeup Meenakshi Dutt weaves her magic with a simple and elegant look. The bride is wearing a red lehenga and dark blue blouse with gold embroidery on both. The chunni is red with dark blue border with elaborate embroidery on the border. The jewelry is contemporary.

The eye makeup uses gold, red and black. The back adds smokey effect. The eye makeup goes perfectly with bridal dress. Bright red lipstick is from MAC’s red palette.

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Audio Credit : Youtube – Creation Tools – Audio library – Track – Wedding Invitation
Title – Wedding Invitation
Contributing Artists – Jason Farnham
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  1. dint like eyemake

  2. to random makeup everything is effortless application of foundation is impolite just horrible video

  3. she is looking stunning

  4. Preeti Gupta says:

    she looks absolutely stunning

  5. Turtle Web says:

    hi minakshi mam….wonderful makeup…what concealer was that?????

  6. Sohail Khan says:

    U r so pretty mam

  7. She's so rough with the application

  8. worst eye makeup

  9. i dont understand make up much but i thoroughly enjoyed watching the girl transform

  10. tanveer khan says:

    Her hands n finger rings.. wow..

  11. i dont like the way which u used to apply makeup

  12. Ali Zahid says:

    i love ur makeup

  13. raden torro says:

    OMG beyutifull

  14. definitely the eye make up needs to be blended bt overall its a very beautifull look even though its bold.. can't wait to try this on my future brides,,

  15. Mahi Kadu says:

    mam.. apne jo concealer type first face pe use Kiya hai uska naam bataaye pura

  16. plz someone tell me the lip liner name….

  17. Aman Singh says:

    i need ur no.. mam

  18. rajni bala says:

    what i think it was not that

  19. eyeshadow is just too much corner of her eyes looks very red anywaz overrall bride looks very pretty

  20. Naina Sharma says:

    The bride looked so pretty

  21. Temeka Maddy says:

    I like to use a soft brush to using my makeup. I purchase my brush from here
    Certainly the best brush so far and Its blend my make-up completely, I bought for my sis one too, and the quality is excellent! Anyhow the price is really cost effective and the shipping is free.

  22. ALINA ALI says:

    INDIAN BRIDE BEXT v glamroux

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