Interview Makeup Tutorial + Confidence Tips! | LustreLux

Feel best on your interview day! I’ve got some makeup AND confidence tips for you! Hope you enjoy!

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Other Products used:
NYX Angel veil primer
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Be a Bombshell finishing powder
Morphe 35O palette
NYC liquid liner
Ardell Demi Wispies lashes
Rimmel Exaggerate nude liner
Loreal Telescopic mascara
MUFE HD foundation #127
Nars Custard Concealer
Benefit Watt’s Up Cream highlighter
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
Mac Select powder NC30
ABH Light Cream contour kit
Benefit Hula bronzer
Hot Makeup Desert Sunrise blush
Elf Golden bronzer
Mac Boldly Bare liner
Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick
Dose of Colors Bellini lipgloss
ABH Pro Pencil Base 1

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  1. symone love says:

    I have two job interviews today and I will be doing this makeup look thank you

  2. Soly MM says:

    I love how she uses regular drug store products but comes out fabulous! It's her technique and application skills and it's just so pocket friendly!

  3. You look beautiful, i'm going to copy this look for my interview! 🙂 P.S New sub too!!

  4. I followed this and felt so confident that I bombed the interview. I got the job! Thank you!

  5. Cha Prats says:

    Yeah no one gives af about your whitening session.. carry on

  6. oh my goodness.. that's a lot of make up..

  7. Chelsea AF says:

    I have an interview tomorrow and I'm definitely gonna do this look!! Thanks Katy, I hope I get the job!! Fingers crossed

  8. this is also good young dancer stage makeup if you add a red lip!

  9. Commie kid says:

    2 minutes in and still no god damn tutorial.
    Just her talking.
    Thanks alot.

  10. I really found this helpful because i have a Career Fair for high school coming up and i was stuck on makeup. Thank you this really helped.

  11. We are having a job interview for our organization subject. Hope this will work because if so, I might have the chance to get hired in real life. The interview will be on February 17,2017. Please wish me luck. :*

  12. Love this! Thank you for the inspiration! I am starting a new job on Monday and I'm stressing about what to do for makeup. This is waaay helpful!

  13. omg thank you! You so saved me! I'm new to makeup all together ! I don't have the exact colors you have but I sorta just winged it but I think I did good for my first time! Anyways thanks for keeping it simple! It was so easy to follow! Where do you buy your brushes?! I have some but non that looked like the ones you used. Mine are more squreish and more tight together.

  14. Jessica Azer says:

    I love this video, your general tips and makeup tips were so helpful! Thank you!!

  15. what brush is the "218"

  16. Joanne says:

    can you share your teeth whitening secrets? or your dental routine? cuz your teeth look awesome

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