Jessica Alba Does My Makeup!!!

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Jessica Alba did my makeup! Omg typing the title of this is so exciting! I can’t wait for you guys to see this video and be sure to watch it all the way through for some bonus clips at the end.

For all products used and to see Jessica’s videos as well as an interview with me go to

Head to my blog:


Filmed at:
iPSY open studios


  1. ohhhshitson says:

    I want albas jewelry

  2. Soothing for sure but doesn't mariana look more and more stoned as the makeup accumulates?

  3. Olivia Lates says:

    i was just going to say "you look just like kim" and then when jessica said it i'm like i was right!!

  4. mexican pizza yall though like pizza with al pastor meat on that hoe and pineapple is bomb af and with avocado! i miss mexico

  5. Vaani Gupta says:

    anyone else found it therepeutic ?
    or was it just me

  6. Marianna nose is the same as kim k

  7. Betty Picazo says:

    Could you please write a list of products and colors that were used. Thank you.

  8. The V says:

    here are my thoughts:
    1) you look like zoe saldana
    2) jessica has such a soothing voice wtf, she's so calm

  9. Jessica is soooooo caaaalm.

  10. the comment section stresses me out lmao loved this video both so beautiful !

  11. I loved this video lol it's so relaxing

  12. How much beautiful is Jessica? She looks amazing, her skin, her sweet voice.. so perfect ♥

  13. Andrea Diaz says:

    Jessica's voice is so soft

  14. m12854 says:

    I have rewatched this video 100 times because of her voice!!! My sleep therapy

  15. i love how she's so into the eyebrows aw

  16. Joanna Simms says:

    what makeup is used..?

  17. Boyd Crowder says:

    Mother of two. Wow.

  18. justme0411 says:

    I still think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Has been since the first episode of Dark Angel back in '00

  19. Brandi Baker says:

    I really want to know what jewelry Jessica is wearing, it's beautiful

  20. bobbleheadmg says:

    When will this be out in stores

  21. Annika Block says:

    Finna buy her entire makeup line

  22. Annika Block says:

    I never watch long videos but I loved every minute of this!

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