Kim Kardashian and Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic Makeup Tutorial

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic gives Kim Kardashian a makeup lesson. makeup tutorial / how to.


  1. maryam khan says:

    the time when kim used to be so beautiful and pretty

  2. This bruush set has a massive impact for my make-up result whenever Ĭ am wear a concealer
    My sister told me about that place. İ adore dir bruush set collection and decided to purchase it. Turn out it really good and I love it

  3. Kim you look pretty with and without makeup

  4. LyssandRick says:

    Mario I'm not sure if you'll remember me but or if you'll see this but we were best friends back in milford ct. You, myself and my cousin Jenn Gladue were inseparable. I literally just found you and am amazed your so famous lol. I always knew it, you said you would be. Remember when we would try to act all cool hanging with your sister and brother lol. I would love it if you would respond 🙂

  5. Ilir Gerguri says:

    Hè is from Albanian origin

  6. Bruh this guy is hot mannnn

  7. loving your the style!

  8. I like her personality back then . Compared to how she is on her makeup videos in her app . She comes of rude in her makeup videos a bit

  9. He's hot!! i know he's a male make up artist but he doesn't looks gay at all!!

  10. honey pot says:

    so much effort for some niggers, they dont care ..they not looking at yr face

  11. Inga Inge says:

    Guys what is this flatter edge brush he is using? Please tell me the name!

  12. cookingwithc says:

    Can someone list the products that's been used please?

  13. Cutiee Pie says:

    those eyebrows are terrible

  14. Danka Danka says:

    Ja sam mislila da je iz Hrvatske. Ali na njegovom twiter profilu kaze da je Albanac iz Makedonije 😀 haha

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