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How’s the summer in your country? It has been crazy humid hot in these days in Korea. As I’m getting older (haha, I sound like old lady) how to prevent aging is important, which got me thinking that I need to be careful about my skin. I try to meet as much as video request as possible, hope you can understand that it is physically impossible to respond every comment though. Thank you so much for your supports and luv ya!! XOXO

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  1. Josie Lau says:

    i have 2 questions… 1. If a product only says SPF without saying PA, does it mean it does not protect against UVA?  Many Western brands do not say PA, I'm worried.  2, If 2 products, same SPF/PA, same texture, how do I determine the one that can work better to protect more sunlight?  In other words, how can I judge if a product is really protecting against the sun or not in its effect?

  2. Trinh Truong says:

    Touch up routine PLS

  3. if bb cream has spf do you still need sun screen?

  4. YouAreLoved. says:

    can you wear sunscreen that is not oil free if you have acne ?

  5. Roxanne Zeng says:

    hi, i usually don't wear any makeup on my face other than facial products like toner and moisturizer, but I recently realized I should start protecting my face from the sun since i'm no longer a teenager, haha. I now wear Biotherm CC cream (with SPF50++) everyday on top of my facial care products. Is it bad for my skin in the long run since it's considered makeup? Or does it protect my skin with no bad effects on my face?

  6. Bico says:

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  7. Nicole Tan says:

    Can you recommend some body mists with vitamins?

  8. Thank you very much for the information!!!

  9. Thank youu!! I learnt alot from this vid:D

  10. WISHTrendTV says:

    I've been receiving a lot of requests about hair removal lately, will keep that in mind, Thanks!

  11. WISHTrendTV says:

    Even when its not sunny, UVA rays always exist, so it is better idea to wear the sun protection even when its rainy or cloudy;)

  12. WISHTrendTV says:

    The key element is sun protection over the body as well, and take body mist that contains vitamin and use it during the night time!

  13. WISHTrendTV says:

    Glad you liked it!!! Thank you for watching xoxo

  14. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thank you XD This hair style is my mom's favorite one as well hahah

  15. WISHTrendTV says:

    OMG I'm so flattered XD xoxo from here as well!

  16. WISHTrendTV says:

    Me neither! Preparing for the video helps me a lot as well 😉

  17. WISHTrendTV says:

    Haha glad that you like our channel! Naturally, not many korean woman have the hair at the first time. But some of us (like me) we use razor or treatment from dermatologist office 😉

  18. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thank you for letting me know! Will try to tune it out better next time. 😉 we are protected from UVC since the o-zone layer protects us!

  19. WISHTrendTV says:

    Great idea! Than kyou 😉

  20. WISHTrendTV says:

    No, that's really extreme! I've seen 50, so far

  21. WISHTrendTV says:

    Yeap I do suffer from blackheads as well :/ Will come up with one!

  22. WISHTrendTV says:

    Yeah, bb creams are great for sun protection!

  23. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thank you!! 😉 will try to come up with them!

  24. WISHTrendTV says:

    Me too, I was kinda shocked!

  25. WISHTrendTV says:

    Glad you liked it :)!!!

  26. WISHTrendTV says:

    Great Idea! Haven't thought of that, thank you!

  27. 김인형 says:

    Huge thx for the information. ♥♥

  28. Jolene Gan says:

    @WISHTrend TV Yes! I've enjoyed your next video too 🙂 Its very informative and please do more videos on natural korean teenager makeup.

  29. WISHTrendTV says:

    I've been receiving a lot of these request lately ! will do that 😉 thanks for your suggestion!

  30. WISHTrendTV says:

    as I have mentioned from my second video about sunscreen, I recommend you to apply bb or cc cream afterwards 😉

  31. WISHTrendTV says:

    Good for you! 😉 Sunscreen=key factor for anti aging!

  32. WISHTrendTV says:

    The clothing shopping mall? I actually haven't used that site yet, but if I do get a chance, I will!

  33. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thank you for your idea and did you enjoy our next video? 😉

  34. BRTC says:

    Great video, so informative for viewers! We love BB Cream all year round for sun protection, like the BRTC Gold Caviar that is SPF 50 PA+++.

  35. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thanks for your suggestion! 😉

  36. Liz Son says:

    Thanks! sunblock is essential item nowadays. Grrrr

  37. mimopanda says:

    Hey Tay! I looooveee your videos! Do you have a separate sunscreen that you use for your face and body?

  38. Thank you for the informative video! Perfect for the summer time!
    Can you do a video on what make up shades (pink vs. peach, etc.) are the best for each skin tone (cool vs. warm)? I think this will really help beginners who are overwhelmed by the color options in makeup stores! ><

  39. thank you sooo much!!!! it was full on info 😀

  40. I have a huge problem with blackhead on my nose and pores skin types do you have any good items to recommend Ps. I really need your help please ;(

  41. Tien Ka says:

    It has a solid, jelly-like texture and leave water drops once rubbed on skin. It's very light and feel as though you only splash water on your face.

  42. Tien Ka says:

    It's a watery, light gel and leave water drops once applied/rubbed on skin.

  43. peh yi says:

    is it just your make up pouch?

  44. Laura S. says:

    It's true, that asian people use suncream with LSF 130?

  45. WISHTrendTV says:

    Thank you for watching!! XD

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