Since we had so much fun doing the chapstick challenge I thought it would be fun to try it with flavored lip glosses! I used to wear these all the time as a girl and I used to LOVE them! Hope you enjoy all the kisses! LIKES and SHARES are appreciated!


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Music by Podington Bear
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  1. VanessX22 says:

    Aww, so much blushing!!

  2. OMG you guys what if tiffyquake and ihascupquake are the same person?!?!?!?!?

  3. FNaF Fam says:

    Play the Pringles Challenge PLZ PLZ PLZ

  4. Tiffy, I think you guys are so amazing. If you could ever comment back to any of my comments, it would make me so so happy. It would truly make my day if I could ever get noticed by ou.

  5. Jess Toppe says:

    The last like is the YouTuber you are
    1:ihascupquake (tiffy)
    4:karina garcia
    6:Chloe corture
    7:Hannah stoking
    8:lele pons
    9:inanna sakris
    0:Brooklyn and Bailey
    Ps.sorry if I spells any of them wrong I'm a bad speller

  6. omg tiffy looks soooo happy XD so does Mario x3

  7. Ihascupqake you are the best youtuber ever for me dont listen to the haters

  8. Also were do u get those CANDY LIP GLOSS

  9. I defenetly agree play more gang beast

  10. Tammy S says:

    Can u do a back to schoool vido

  11. ibby ibby says:

    Has she stopped doing her zodiac watercolour series?

  12. On the watermelon chapstick, at first I thought it said Flapdoodle Lipgloss XD

  13. Jacksonji says:

    Cancer zodiac painting? I'm a cancer♋

  14. BoredChild says:

    1:11 thought he was gonna say

    "Because we made out."

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