Lips and Eyebrow Tattoos in Seoul

My tattoo artist is Jinyeong Lee
Tatoa clinic:
(+82) 033.766.0211

Snapchat: Migooksaram
Instagram address:
Instagram ID: chonunmigooksaram

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  1. CHOGIWHY Y says:

    I honestly love how she's honest about all of her "cosmetic procedures" and provides helpful info for people who might be interested you do you girl

  2. Shit I thought ur brows in the beginning were your legit brows damn

  3. Kpoplover says:

    thats half the price of LA

  4. Sarah Han says:

    Did your eyebrows hurt when getting them done? Love your videos!:)<3

  5. Janet Rz says:

    Guess who's paying for all of this? lol

  6. megen // says:

    I can't watch your videos because you talk so annoying and ghetto

  7. At first I was like Oh hell no. But then I was Like I am dumb for not considering it sooner the eyebrows esps. Because I would honestly loovve that. No hassel just one tat every couple years. Shit sign me up!!!

  8. Lex Calia says:

    Loved this sooooo much omg

  9. aliamayy b says:

    you're bootiful

  10. When she said hairline started roasting people who got dat

  11. Overy Good says:

    Girl for thin hair edges, all you need is some CASTOR OIL! ish is the BOMB! just massage it into your scalp and youll see your hair thickening up, I used to have the same problem but not anymore!

  12. PapayaMoch says:


  13. It's so messy lol the result was absolutely BEAUTIFUL like no freaking kidding

  14. cress pot says:

    I thought she was going to say 198,000 DOLLARS and I legitimately had a heart attack

  15. noonic23 says:

    I thought she was talking like that to be funny, but its her actual voice….

  16. Oops, she did it, nipple color confession

  17. if I get my eyebrows tattooed will the tint like last so long that your eyebrow hairs with grow out and the tint will still be there?and can you trim your eyebrows if they grow out with the tint on

  18. one0xin says:

    Omg it's so cheap in Korea!!! I wanna go to Korea to get my brows done now lol

  19. sammaysamsam says:

    Dang here in LA microblading eyebrows is the cost of the lips there

  20. piks - says:

    Your teeth are whiter than my dancing what is this

  21. While everyon get their boobs, asses and entire face got done in USA, it is accepted there. if she said she got them done in USA, then no one would say a thing but since she is in korea, she somehow isn't allowed to get them done? if you had money to do them in korea, I'm sure that 99% here would do it. since you are penniless, you are jealous

  22. Pizza says:

    Lmao its the opposite for me im really white and I have brown nipples, like I have never thought anything of it but I think pink would look so much better on me, but I don't have the balls to ever go through that kind of pain so I applaud you.

  23. So inexpensive there……I think the eyebrows only are $700 to $800 near Chicago IL

  24. You are absolutely stunning without makeup…..your skin is strikingly beautiful

  25. How old is she??? Does anyone know?? Please!?

  26. You get your lips pumped and now cause of the shadow seems like you have mustache 😀

  27. sana579 says:

    lol my god I love you

  28. Hamsa Fouad says:

    omg i have brown nipps and hate them want them pink and u want to change ur pink ones SMH no one likes the way they are i think LMAO lets switch!

  29. You do you girl, you look fucking fabulous. 😀

  30. Jupistar1 says:

    they did a good job!!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. MS. G says:

    You have a white teeth and you have a beautiful eyes. All in all you look like a model

  32. i love this video so much. you describe everything in one and also those tattoo looks good on you. ♡ thank q

  33. JAYU says:

    this is probably late but do they have english speaking staff?

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