Makeup do’s and don’ts over 40


  1. Actually probably better to advise how to wear their makeup as opposed to how not too. I'm 50 and wear eyeshadow with a bit of champagne eyeshadow on middle of eyelid I don't have crepy hooded eyes so that's a great spot there. Moisturise till the cows come home. Make face glow with an illuminiser as opposed to highlighter or use a one with gold flecks. Go light not heavy foundation and or powder, use a hundred different products but not 10 tonnes of one.

  2. I'm 43…I have to admit that I felt this video came across as very condescending, but after reading the comments and your replies, I can see that you are trying to help women look their best. I think that maybe the tips could have been presented differently to get the same points across without using the words 'Don't', 'should never' etc. So instead of saying shouldn't wear a red lip, just say something like, 'with a neutral lip, you can never go wrong.' Etc. Whether makeup or clothes, no one should tell another woman what she can and cannot wear. In the end, it's all about how one feels in one's own skin anyway, and women should support other women doing what makes them feel good. There is way too much scrutiny already in society for women. More support and less judgment is what is needed in general.

  3. V Mar says:

    Clearly that women has had a lot of filler and plastic surgery! After 40 you wear what ever the hell you want!

  4. I'd like to know how much plastic surgery or fillers these woman have had. Makeup, if done tastefully, can be worn how ever someone wants and makes them fill good. She is a state of mind, in my book….. With all the great beauty products out there, anyone, including elderly and even MEN are able to pull off any look they feel comfortable with. Just my thoughts!

  5. heidi adams says:

    Agree with glitter but not red lips. You just gotta prime and line and re-apply. A good red lip with minimal makeup is classic. I just think you gotta know your lips are diff at 40 than 20, so yeah, if you just slap that red on, you will have vertical bleeding lines.

  6. What a load of crap! I look great in red lipstick! 42 and planning to wear it for a long time yet!

  7. Kat Lee says:

    epic fail, ladies.

  8. I think you are wrong red looks great in any age!!!

  9. yeah. not feeling this video. I'm in my mid fifties and can still pull off whatever I chose to as long I feel confidant doing so. You both are very pretty ladies but I got a bad vibe from this. : (

  10. How old are y'all? I'm 50 and I don't have crepey eyes and my red lipstick doesn't travel. Clearly y'all aren't old enough to give this advice. It's mostly wrong.

  11. I think your one beautiful looking 49 year young lady. I 46 and have changed my make up routine a bit and wear less, just course I feel I want my natural beauty to come out more . I noticed when I wear more eye make up I tend to wipe it off my face during the day. I'm trying to stay way from baking , wing eye liner and bright lip sticks . Can u please do a video on after 40 make up tip and a tutorial .

  12. T Tephi says:

    You know a fast way to age? Start saying you can't wear x, y and z because you are over a certain age. Talk about self-limiting!

  13. K. Whit says:

    This is overwhelmingly disheartening. I was searching for YouTuber's for mature skin, as I'm entering my 40's, and to see this being shared is horrible. For women of all ages…let us support and lift each other up rather than placing limitations based on age. ♡

  14. Holly58 says:

    Ageism! Just wear natural looking makeup, don't bring attention to yourself and fade into the background. Disappointing message!

  15. There are plenty of brights and red lipsticks that don't move into creases at all. Color can bring a youthful glow if done right. Also, sometimes a shimmer shadow in a neutral color brings light and lift to tired eyes. Especially hooded eyes on the brow. It really depends on how wrinkled you are. The tips here definitely aren't a hard and fast rule.

  16. Lea Lopez says:

    I came here for makeup tips and I found the makeup artist is a condescending bitch, she is forgetting she will be 40 one day, I just turn 45 and I look and feel great and haven't had to do any procedures yet ( not that I'm saying is something wrong with it )

  17. Damn… I'm 44 and nobody believes how I am.. I'm not a make up junkie.. However I like the shimmers here and there… I like red lipsticks and pinks because I do… I don't wear clown make up of you feel like wearing more and it looks good on you then go for it. Its not the make that makes you looks bad.. I firmly believe of you have taken good care of your skin.. Then everything else will look good.. Your skincare is your foundation good skin care practices get good results… Sorry but these ladies have some good tips but try not to sound so sassy

  18. Trish Delrow says:

    I'm 45 I wear all the glitters and dark lipstick and love it soo bad advice in my opinion !

  19. The only sensible thing mentioned in this video is that you should always wear sunscreen. Other than that ladies, ignore stereotypes and wear whatever makes you feel good regardless of your age and what other people may say.

  20. In response to all those who said this video was condescending, please click link below.

  21. Emily Dunn says:

    I call BS on this!

  22. condescending much. It must be heavenly to be you, what with your perfect chest your perfect face your perfect lips oh wait a minute I'm pretty sure I can see filler in your perfect lips and botox in your face. But hey your perfect right? Goodness I almost forgot to mention your perfect bank account, because how else would you get the perfection you see in the mirror every day. But at the end of the day after you've done all of this to be perfect your "partner" is still looking at women half your age. Real beauty comes from within not from seringes

  23. I'm sorry but why can't you wear red lipstick when you are over 40

  24. am allergic to waterproof mascara (makes my lashes fall out) I have to say I agree with many of the other women here, this video really made me feel like I got "age shamed" I mean really who made up these rules anyway?? Most of us know we are no longer 20 (we wouldn't be looking at makeup tips for middle aged women if we were) and we know when we apply our makeup when we look in the mirror if it looks good or looks like crap…I think I will move on to a different channel, where I can pick up pointers and not feel like crap because I'm in my 40's

  25. Way to go, Sisters. Another set of rules about what women should and shouldn't do. Don't we have enough of these imposed on us by men. Just offensive and appalling to every women, let alone us feminists. It's like the sexual revolution never happened. I hate to say it, but what a pair of idiots. And then to try and disguise it as a joke when they see how much they've missed the mark. I believe in empowering women and for the record, I am 44 and rocking a bright red lip with a soft shimmery eye right now. A classic chic look for any age when done properly. This is a perfect lesson in how to offend the female population in less than 5 minutes. Well done, Ladies.

  26. For all of you who felt my first "Makeup Chair Chit-Chat" video was catty and condescending, I sincerely apologize. It was meant to be silly and not taken too seriously. We ALL tend to hold onto hair and makeup trends that we had in our youth. Colors or styles that now age us. Or at least some of us. But if you LOVE your red lipstick on a daily basis or feel you ROCK a certain look, then more power to you. Go for it! Nobody should tell you what you can or cannot wear at a certain age. Who am I to judge? I'm just a 49-year-old anti-aging consultant with my own traps to avoid. But I do believe that what once looked fresh faced and youthful, often needs to be revamped, as we age, in order to have that same desired effect. So for those who hated my first "Makeup Chair Chit Chat," I hope you will take the time to look at the next one in the series. Your comments were taken to heart and, from now on, I will attempt to talk about makeup trends for women over 40 in a more sensitive way.

  27. Amy Teeter says:

    I'm 40 and I had no idea I was a circus performer?!?!  This was so catty and condescending, I cant imagine I'll be back.

  28. I'm 42 and I wear red lipstick and glitter on my eyelids….I don't think every 40 year old should stop wearing red lipstick or glitter

  29. Rose Red says:

    No red lipstick? Ya joking? Red brings such energy to the face!

  30. 77Tadams says:

    I wish to just go natural. No makeup ever again.

  31. KC Stylemom says:

    I hate this "you can't do this after this age" videos. Ridiculous! The same things they tell us not to do are the same things beautiful older women like Jennifer Aniston & JLo are being praised for. Who decides when we're "too old?" I love my bright lipsticks & occasionally like a little bit of shimmer. And my eyes aren't crepey & I don't need waterproof mascara. And I'd rather see a woman confident in her age, rocking whatever makeup she likes than hiding behind fillers & Botox. I'm sorry but these kinds of videos are not helpful at all.

  32. i think there are definitely some exceptions to these "rules" and also if your ove 40 and wanna wear red lipstic, or glitter its not a bad thing and this is your opinion so dont say it like its fact. its penalising and kind of rude sayting that all these people that do this arnt beautiful. whats wrong with being old? were all beautiful no matter how much age has affected us…:)

  33. Beautiful ladies, but I'll wear what I want and when I'm old I'll have the brightest eyeshadow palette I've ever owned …. by the time I'm 60 I will have earned it man.. life is too short!!

  34. MysteryBaker says:

    Wow!! red lipstick works for all ages and to be honest a confident woman over 40 can definitely pull it off!! No glitter?? I find this extremely condescending!

  35. Sonja Ortiz says:

    Sounds like a clip from the movie "Mean Girls"

  36. Cathy Brown says:

    I'm sorry, I'm 55 soon to be 56 and I'm going to wear a bit of shimmer (not glitter) on my eyes.  No shimmer in the crease, but fine on the lid.  And, I'm going to wear a bit of highlighter.  I agree on the sunscreen issue.  I always put on sunscreen under my foundation.

  37. Midbeauty says:

    I'm 42 and I rock red lips and glitter all the time! This video makes me sad!

  38. donnagarnet says:

    I haven't worn waterproof mascara or eyeliner for years. I find that it's much harder to take off than non-water proof makeup. I have trouble wearing any kind of mascara…after a couple of months it starts to bother my eyes & I have to switch brands. Waterproof mascara bothers my eyes faster; I can wear it for less than a month before I have to ditch it in favor of another kind.

  39. Yes! Put down the glitter if you're over 40. I had a makeup artist work on me and she put on so many layers of makeup on me that I didn't even look like me when she was finished. I'd love it if you did a natural, every day look sometime. I'm a SAHM and I also work from home, but I want something quick & easy for when I'm running my kids to practices and whatnot. Great video. 🙂

  40. Hope Martin says:

    what the heck is primer?

  41. New subscriber here! Totally agree with that Joan quote! Hands are always the giveaway. Great tips!

  42. Annie B says:

    OK she's 49 and looks like that- I'm taking their advice! lol I don't actually do any of the things they've mentioned anymore but it is so true about the primer, also I've found that if I use the dark color in my eye shadow palette as liner it looks softer for a daytime look. I always try to use the least amount of makeup possible. I've given up on full coverage foundation because it amplifies every particle of dry skin, even ending up with flakes by the end of the day. I just spot treat with Veil and though pricey its been fantastic!

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