Mastering the Art of Hair Removal

Hi beauties! Sorry I’ve been away from this channel. Miss you all so much. I’ve been traveling overseas discovering the beauty of the world and gathering lots of inspiration that I can’t wait to share when I get back.

Today’s episode of “Mastering the Art Of” is all about hair removal – from epilators to waxing and electrolysis. I believe that you are beautiful no matter how much or how little hair you have on your body. But if you’re looking to change it up from your current routine – we tried to cover all the options.

Thank you to the always lovely BeetaBeauty for helping out with this video. Check out her channel and please show her some love!

Thanks to LaserAway and Zap Electrolysis & Skincare for letting us film at their facilities! ( No they didn’t pay me, I reached out to them because I heard that they were good )

Instagram: @Laser_Away

Zap Electrolysis & Skincare


Schick Intuition Razor

EOS Shave Cream

Venus Embrace Razor

Mach 3 Turbo Razor

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

Nair Sprays Away Nourish

Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator

Jolen Creme Bleach Regular

Sugaring DIY
1 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice (About one lemon)
Honey (optional if it’s not as thick as you would like)

Gigi Creme Wax

The Honest Company Talc-Free Baby Powder

Tend Skin (For razor bumps and ingrown hairs)

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  1. Putri Wirda says:

    I miss your smile 🙁 come back

  2. So this is the video that pushed her to the edge.

  3. Great video.  Didn't know how some of the methods worked.

  4. I love this video hope you get this and comment back love yaaa ✨❤✨

  5. Michelle can you please do a hair care video? Hair masks and what shampoos and conditioners you use?

  6. Michelle you are amazing thanks for sharing!

  7. Are we supposed to shave our arms? I never have but their so…. ew. And I want to get rid of the hair but I don't want to because I heard it grows back darker…

  8. Jack Walker says:

    Has she quit YouTube?

  9. I can tell what she meant by being a "Product" all these companies were paying her to say all this. Glad she found her self again 🙂

  10. That was I'm my birthday

  11. Tabby Cat says:

    Some people in the comments just don't get it.

    "It's been so long? Are you alright? Where are you?"

    Then people just randomly respond. "Oh she has a new video out! Check it out!"

    I know you are just trying to help those who want to know what is happening, but check the date. 9 months ago? Do you expect them to come back? Some are loyal, and some just don't have the time to do that. I'm not really mad, but it's kind of the realization that a lot of people have been waiting for almost a year to see something new. Not everyone comes back. Not everyone wants to come back. I find it just a little annoying that people are trying to say stuff like that. It's not wrong or mean, it's just… Useless. 7-10 months of waiting is a lot. And this has nothing to do with Michelle. I'm not blaming her for not posting. I'm just saying that those people will probably not see your message. And if they do, it will not be explosions of "OH MY GOD ANOTHER VID FROM MY FAVORITE YOUTU-"
    It will most likely be, "Oh sweet! She posted something! It's been a while now." And some won't care at all. It's just the matter of thinking: They might not come back.

  12. Threading works REALLY well! I've done it a few times and I've been happy with the results. But for me it's torture. It's just awful, worse than tweezing.

  13. slendyluke says:

    When you're a living human monkey and you don't even know if you should even bother to try or nah

  14. Maya. says:

    Great video!

  15. Sumaya s says:

    You can see the sadness in her eyes, so glad she's found the truth and back at her real self again 🙂

  16. MissXxSuzyxx says:

    its good to see you again…

  17. Jamie Jodie says:

    is this new??

  18. Zee Ox says:

    Came here after watching her "why i left" video

  19. the outro reminds me of Steven universe for some reason

  20. I'm shocked at how I never realized she's unhappy. This truly broke my heart.

  21. Issy D says:

    She spread the sugar on way to thick. I have my waxing license lol

  22. Confused Fox says:

    Can anyone that actually tried hair bleaching tell me more about their experience? like is it a good thing to do, is it effective…..I'm so sick of shaving my arms, but i have a light skin colour and dark hair, so the moment it grows you can see it all

  23. The last tutorial! Good luck Michelle on your next journey xxx

  24. Sienna Ohol says:

    i'm a hairy girl I swear

  25. equeslrk33 says:

    anyone here from her latest video?

  26. gabby k says:

    it makes me so sad to watch this video now that I know how unhappy she was at this time in her life. in her most recent video, she talks about how controlled her videos were and how there was nothing genuine about them at all. She compared herself to a product. So glad she decided to take a break to reconnect with herself 🙂

  27. Hui Lin Shan says:

    This helps a lot

  28. After watching "Why i left" I can see and hear how unhappy she was in the new videos vs back in the day. Wishing her the best.

  29. HowToArt says:

    You can tell how unhappy she was just from the intro:(

  30. sylvi says:

    i do laser and it hurts like death

  31. almost a year.. but she isn't back for good

  32. Laser is less painful than electrolysis? Hell no! I was almost crying, it hurts af! But it's worth the pain.

  33. WackyNicole says:

    Does anyone know what she uses to edit?

  34. I just want to know if her and Dom are still together

  35. Fun reading through the comments

  36. Philip Kim says:

    after watching her latest video "why I left" and then going back to see this…you can see she just wasn't into it and how far she was from where she started. Poor girl, hope she's found her happiness

  37. Michelle follow me 🙂

  38. Didn't notice you were gone

  39. Michelle you have a beautiful laugh

  40. who came here after why I left

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