My Everyday Skin Care Routine | Ashley Tisdale

Hi Guys!! In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you my everyday skin care routine. Hope you’ll find some tips in this video that you can apply to your own routine! Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Tuesday #TizzieTuesday

Love you guys! 

My skin care routine products:
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser
La Mer – The Hand Treatment
La Mer – The Moisturizing Gel Cream
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
Sente Intensive Eye Therapy
EltaMD Sunscreen UV Daily SPF 40
Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Body Bronzer
Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Shop Illuminate:

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  1. andreaah l says:

    Tutorial on this makeup look?

  2. Sarah Todd says:

    hi Ashley I really like your video and maybe I will good skin care stuff

  3. S Smith says:

    What is she doing nowadays?

  4. Asha Mato says:

    wasn't she in high school musical

  5. Fred Ramos says:

    Estas bien hermosa mamasita. Eres la guerita más bella del mundo.

  6. Flamin go says:

    good beauty tip coming up : don't use an spf moisturiser underneath a foundation or any other spf product. you may think your putting more protection on your skin but really all it does it cancel all the spf out so you end up with no skin protection. for example using Sun lotion with spf30 underneath a foundation with spf15 =0spf

  7. Surowka Lynn says:

    Marilyn Monroe was known to use vaseline all the time as well. I love to hear how beauty routines differ from different time periods. Now, we have so many options and it can be overwhelming to choose!
    Elta MD's spf is amazing though. I use the UV clear formula and it's the only sunscreen that hasn't irritated my sensitive, acne-prone skin.
    You should try deodorant by Schmidt's. I love the sensitive skin formula because the original is a bit thick in consistency. They all smell amazing, (people ask what perfume I'm wearing and I'm like, "oh…that's my deodorant" lol) but they have fragrance free too. (:

  8. do a music session of a dream is a wish your heart makes with some of your disney fam! love you!

  9. sara beach says:

    Vaseline is awesome! It's an occlusive so it locks in the moisture.

  10. yes vaseline is genuinely so good!!! and it's noncomedogenic. ashley coming through w/ good advice!

  11. Katie Grace says:

    y'all cetaphil is terrible for your skin and just a huge scam in the skincare industry… yikes

  12. Talia E says:

    Do a makeup collection❤️❤️

  13. Can you do it to Tutorial on how you normally put it on

  14. Millie Jones says:

    Hi , I might be sharpay in my schools remake of high school musical , so do u have any tips?

  15. Vega Amelia says:

    sharpay looks fabulous damn

  16. Candace Gertrude Flynn ^_^

  17. Rajat Gupta says:

    you're so cute .

  18. i use shea moistures product

  19. Rowan-Katy says:

    you can get salt crystal deoderant my dad suggested it when i was younger and it worked well and i dont believw it had anything bad in it


  21. BKIMURA7 says:

    When you drink A LOT of water, like Ashley, does that make your pimples and acne and/or blackheads disappear? And do you have to drink water EVERYDAY?

  22. itsjustemy says:

    All of my products that I use is organic down to my toothpaste! So I love hearing that you use it too. I have WAY less acne and my skin is smoother and more moisturized! I totally suggest using it to everyone!

  23. She uses cetaphil and la mer. What a juxtaposition

  24. Shakila says:

    Please don't ever delete this video, I will come back to it when I can afford the products lol

  25. Jennisney says:

    Wish i could afford La Mer

  26. TheWayiare33 says:

    Can anyone tell me what stores carry Ashleys makeup line?

  27. Lydia C says:

    so many youtubers are uploading skin care videos and i'm living right now xox

  28. For the last couple of days I've been looking for a good sunscreen, I'm going on holiday in a few weeks, I live in the uk so I don't really wear a strong spf, I'm a medium olive skin tone, but for tropical places I need something strong and the one you showed sounds amazing and the ingredients seem perfect I'm just about to order it !!

  29. crazeekiwi1 says:

    My mum uses vaseline too! When I was little I'd see her either put on vaseline or baby oil all over her hands/arms/face/neck before she'd go to bed every night. I always thought it was weird but she has great skin for someone in her early 60s. I think I need to start doing that too.

  30. mathewthiel says:

    Ashley this background is stunning ! Can you maybe make a video about decorations tips or fournitures inspo ? That would be very interesting actually, your good taste is inspiring ! xx

  31. xo Amber xo says:

    She looks the exact same. Literally hasn't aged a day.

  32. Tiffany Ane says:

    lol ive gone through about 15 jars of vaseline on my skin, you just lather on at night and in the morning my skin is so soft!!

  33. november132 says:

    Black chicken axilla paste is the best deodorant I've used. No sweat whatsover! however the baking soda does irritate my underarms so I use that on special occasions. The schmidts deodorant has less baking soda in it so i can use it daily. if i do happen to sweat i barely notice it unlike with the supermarket ones, you get all sticky!!!! used to have winter so much because of that feeling but not anymore! btw all that crystal deodorant stuff doesnt work, you need something with baking soda in it

  34. playitlouda says:

    spf underneath the moisturizer?? thought you have to apply it after your moisturizer…someone knows how to apply it correct?

  35. Oh my gosh my mom does the Vaseline thing too! I think she's crazy, lol, I just couldn't do that. But she does look at least 10 years younger than she is!

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