SO MANY OF YOU have been asking me to do an updated skincare routine so here it is 🙂 Thumbs up if you like! Comment for more requests! love you

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Products in my video!

tatcha cleansing oil
benefit foamingly clean face wash
karina & katrina tone it up sea algae face mask
beauty parfait yogurt mask
Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel toner
pür dirty girl face mask
benefit instant comeback serum
tatcha brightening serum
prosacea gel for acne
tatcha deep hydration eye serum
benefit total moisture
pur ZZ cream

What’s in your daily/night routine? any cool tricks or hacks? comment below so I can steal them hehe 😉

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  1. Emily Nutt says:

    Her skin look great!!!

  2. I use witch hazel toner too. It's amazing but mine smells pretty bad.

  3. No wonder you have such amazing skin

  4. I also did a scintilla care routine plz come check it out

  5. Hey guys check out my skin care routine on my channel. Click the picture. Peace out.

  6. I always love your videos

  7. how old should I be to try this

  8. wow you are so so so pretty

  9. Surya-Marie says:

    Still one of the best youtuber

  10. Diana101 says:

    she basically does the 10 step korean skincare kind of! No wonder her skin is so perfect

  11. do you use products with glycerin?

  12. Ruth Rogers says:

    Great tips here. I have been following skin care suggestions from Vernal Beauty's blog but this has some other great ideas that I am going to work on as well.

  13. Joy Hines says:

    I'd love to see a updated everyday face routine. What are you using for anti aging?

  14. Joy Hines says:

    Are you still using these products???

  15. Brada ti je jako prljava!.

  16. You have such beautiful skin!

  17. send nudes says:

    anyone knlws good skincardproducts for glowy skin ( id prefer drugstore version as im poor af )

  18. She looks like a prettier version of Mimi from Rent

  19. I don't have the commitment to apply 13 different products on my face, twice a day.

  20. she is so pretty with and without makeup!!!! HER SKIN IS SO CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  21. its like you can wear makeup without foundation nor concealer and no would even realize that theres something missing WOW gurl just WOW.

  22. I was the 1 million view!!!!

  23. RHl Ahmed says:

    omg she is so beatyfull without makeup if I had that skin and that beaty I will never were makeup

  24. HUMA SHENOY says:

    u are sooo stunning

  25. can you do a night routin

  26. Game girl09 says:

    Coconut oil is reallly good for eye makeup remover. It's like water so it doesn't burn the eyes, it gets EVERYTHING off and it's really good more eyelash growth.

  27. liz hannafan says:

    summer skin care routine

  28. Is it bleached ? Lightened ? I neeed to know muva !!!!!!!

  29. Please do something on your hair color

  30. I literally just dipped my fingers in my brand stinking new moisturizer lol… I didn't think of germs.

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