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In this video we will be showing you how to do easy night skin care routine makeup

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  1. mam cn u give d links of d products to buy them

  2. Mam.. Hi.. I have combination skin.. With tan pigmentation and acne scars.. Can u tell me a skin care routine????

  3. Kiran Bisht says:

    Plz maam give me suggestion how to remove da dark circle

  4. plz tell me the name of that might repair product..Love ur skin

  5. if mad says:

    can you make roswatar reem

  6. Subhra Jha says:

    did u use face wash or just plain water for washing ur face..

  7. Soham bose says:

    Plz do reply to those who have prob or query as this is the best way to connect with fans…and viewers …

  8. I feel like the Johnson’s baby oil works better to remove eye and face make up.

  9. Zakiya Khan says:

    every video was helpful amd good kptup☺

  10. Tripti Kumar says:

    can u plz do a video on how to take care of facial hair?

  11. Nisha Jahan says:

    advanced night repair is what ?? plz reply me

  12. Aisha Khan says:

    mam himalaya refreshing clrifying toner sensitive skin me use kr skte h kya

  13. please add morning skin care routine for dry skin..I love your videos…

  14. Priti Saini says:

    you are genius

  15. hi mam I have a combination skin so pls suggest me which type of toner is perfect for my skin

  16. Nayab Anjum says:

    Awsme just awsme vedioe and also u r very cute and ur voice is also very lovely…

  17. u won't get black

  18. Megha Sarkar says:

    how remove under eyes dark circle??

  19. Sara Rana says:

    Wow u r so beautiful

  20. Which makeup wipes are these?

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