Our Wedding 101 | Money-Saving Hacks & PICTURES!

All about our Wedding (JAMbeauty89 & TylerTravelsTV) and how we saved money with our own cheap wedding hacks – by cutting out/changing things for the wedding/reception. Includes info about our photographer, reception decorations, cheap flowers, cake, & more! Check below for links and a list of the things we changed to cut costs!

Our Photographer:
Instagram: @itsmikefrancis

Our DJ:
Jason K-Nite: https://www.facebook.com/knitemusic

Our HONEYMOON Vlogs: http://bit.ly/1dua3bd
My WEDDING MAKEUP video with DRUGSTORE DUPES: http://bit.ly/1NIJbkl

Changes we Made:
Bridesmaids could wear any dress they wanted, as long as it was black.
Groomsmen wore a black (or very dark) suit with a white shirt & black tie (no tux rentals!)
No flower girl/ring bearer
No bouquets/boutonnieres for the bridal party
No aisle runner
No pew decorations (just flowers for the altar)
Make your own unity candles from dollar store/craft store finds
Purchase your own linen tablecloths instead of renting them! In our case, it was SO MUCH CHEAPER! Plus, you can re-sell them for a little bit less and make a bit of it back, if you want!
Make your own bouquet from fake flowers, green floral tape, and ribbon from dollar tree/craft store!
Make your own “guest book” – could even be something that goes on the wall and that includes something you both care about!
Flowers: Tell the florist exactly what you want to pay for each item (bouquet, altar pieces, etc.) – they will typically make a very nice piece for exactly the price you want! Just tell them what colors/perhaps what flowers you want and they *typically* will make it work, size-wise!
Keep it small!!!!

Small IKEA Lantern ($3.99) – Black, white, grey, & more! http://go.magik.ly/r/jambeauty89/cbd4/
Large IKEA Lantern ($7.99) – They have black & white: http://go.magik.ly/r/jambeauty89/cbd3/

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  1. I could not stop smiling through that entire video Jessica. Wow it's so clear that you two make each other so happy. I love you even more than I did before seeing you with your husband. You two just truly seem like soul mates. I LOVED THIS VIDEO. You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day. That dress was INCREDIBLE.

  2. Loren Brown says:

    Best Tip For Me: Invite people who YOU KNOW and LOVE.

  3. The way you guys look at each other is so sweet!!!

  4. did you guys have a dj?

  5. I can see how excited you guys are. Very cute, congrats! 🙂

  6. Kay C says:

    congratulations on your wedding, I recently got engaged but am finding it all a bit stressful in all honesty so thanks for the tips

  7. Raccoon0507 says:

    Great ideas for my own wedding! this! U 2 are adorable

  8. how long did you all save for?!

  9. you guys got so lucky!!

  10. SO CUTE! you can see the love in both of your eyes

  11. I'm looking into using IKEA lanterns for my centerpieces. Will they hold up with real candles or do you have to use fake candles?

  12. my brother is a dj too! lol

  13. YFraga says:

    Y'all are so cute lol

  14. Jessica S says:

    Aww cute couple ❤

  15. Katie Porter says:

    This is so helpful… we are doing a lot of the same things, but I love some of your other ideas!!

  16. Beautiful picture of you both at 3:10 :o)

  17. Lol the photographer didn't just make up the second shooter thing, it's a pretty standard concept every wedding photog does it lol

  18. wirehot09 says:

    best idea ever

  19. Priscilla Lu says:

    I world rather have my family enjoy the wedding rather than work at e wedding just to save $ … just a thought for brides who are thinking to ask their family to work their wedding.

  20. You two are my favorite youtube couple, so dynamic and amazing. Your souls seem to mesh so well together, its so beautiful.

  21. You guys are adorable!! I know it's a year later, but Congratulations! Beautiful couple!

  22. clolosmom says:

    I love you guys so much I can't deal with it, lol. Tyler's videos are so fun and hilarious and yours are so pro and informative!

  23. It's so true all that money on one day is crazy its great you had a nice long honeymoon money well spent

  24. Sarah Meneok says:

    Not everyone has someone you know lol

  25. your excitement for the wedding is infectious! love the enthusiasm. our wedding schedule oct 2018 — far away but similar situation friends for catering, dj, cake 🙂 excellent ideas, thanks for sharing – esp black and white theme – so smart!

  26. Also craigslist will have people who are selling their items from their wedding. Find some cool deals.

  27. Alicia Amiri says:

    We are getting our wedding certificate and the next 16 days flying to Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Florence and Paris. We plan on getting wedding photos taken in each country by a photographer. It will just be the two of us and that's how we plan on spending our money. We also got a travel bundle. I have to do my hair and makeup (it's 600 euros if I did it per country) and wanted to do a different look in each country but it's so difficult lol happy for you two

  28. Vader Vixen says:

    What'd you do for reception food?

  29. Im getting married in July 2017 and Im soooo stressed already. Esp bc the budget isnt as 'big' as other's. This video helps! I'm taking notes and everything.

    I love you're guys' engergy. ♡ Congratulations! Def subscribed.

  30. My photographer brought a second one on the day of free of charge! It was awesome! I also made my own wedding cake, got my dress at a store closing sale, and our DJ was a friend who gave a good price!

  31. Skibbii B says:

    I am getting married in about a month and this video was so helpful! I thank you!! =)

  32. Beautiful married couple.

  33. can you post where you bought the table cloths from

  34. It is SOOO true about the wedding photographer!! If you're going to splurge on something that should be it. A so so photographer could make the most expensive wedding look cheap vs an amazing photographer could make any wedding look like a million bucks! And those are the memories you want to have and proudly show your family and kids down the road. Great vid.

  35. Terri Berry says:

    We are planning our 25th wedding anniversary party. I came across your video. You are right about the linens.

  36. KathehFIT says:

    thank you for this video!! its sooo helpful. im going crazy since m ybf wants to get married since I am expecting. He want to make small wedding so im trying to do my research. this video made me feel more confident that I can make nice small wedding on a budget.

  37. Dana Marich says:

    This is a great video I am currently planning my wedding now for next year and I was looking for some tips and advice on how to save! And yes I totally agree on saving money for yourself so you can enjoy a honeymoon after it is all over with!

  38. I'm gonna have a cheap wedding and a bomb ass european honeymoon

  39. YES!! A 3 week honeymoon!! THAT'S what I'M talking about!!! Smart couple. Congrats to you both.

  40. Lovelyagnes says:

    this vid is so adorable and I can see that you both really liked (love) each other ❤❤. Thank you so much the tips are awesome!! my sister is getting married in a couple of months and I think this will totally help her out. cheers Jess 😀

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