Our Worst Hair Mistake Ever! (Dirty Laundry)

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We’re always reacting to celebrity fashion fails, but now we’re turning the tables on ourselves! We’re taking a look at our own worst hair mistake ever – here on Dirty Laundry!

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  1. Michael W says:

    this is more like throwback then dirty laundry.

  2. zule448 says:

    We're to start well I was born bald yes bald lol it eventually grew, and when it did I was like around four my mom decided that I needed a Selena haircut as in a bob ! I've always had big cheeks and it makes my face look round so you can imagine all you saw were my cheeks lol so I didn't get a haircut till I was 15. My hair was to my waist and this hair dresser I went to decided I needed a fresh look and cut it to my shoulders in layers !! I was crying for days cuz I missed my long hair I just wanted layers in my hair not for her to chop it off! My cousin went with me and the whole time her eyes were just wide open I was like why didn't you tell me anything !! She did after lol.. so I decided I was gonna let my hair grow and then cut it myself, big mistake. I had a bowl cut and then just a layer of hair to my waist lmao!! That was senior year. Then when I was 20 I decided I wanted my bangs to be blonde but my hair is black!! So you can guess how that turned out. I have more but it's getting to long lol

  3. When I was little I cut my own bangs

  4. I have hair mistakes quite often because my hairdresser sometimes cuts my bangs too short or crooked. I fix it by mysef at home

  5. Puppydog57 says:

    I refuse to look at my fifth grade school photo because my hair was in a bob, but it was one of those bobs that is literally just a circle. Like you know short in the front and longer in the back and it is actually the worst thing I've ever done. Problem is I think I actually wanted it like that, and it wasn't just an accident. I hate fifth grade me for it, but at least she didn't get bangs.

  6. Sam Minugh says:

    When I was like 8, I decided I wanted bangs and cut them myself. I had like super short jagged bangs. Besides that, I've loved all my other hair choices.

  7. I had a boy hair cut in the second grade and everyone thought I was a boy so I had to wear dresses (hated them) and then in the fourth grade I had a bob and it just made me look horrible because of hot it was cut. It was uneven and everything

  8. Ashakn says:

    Omg i know i said this before but they just copied lily on throwback and put it here

  9. Ashakn says:

    Lilys story was old

  10. my worst hair happened in grade 11. I went to this cheap hair salon in the mall, hoping to look like Haley Williams…I came out looking like a mushroom. I was in shock but I still payed for the haircut, I was too nice to tell the hairdresser that she messed up, but like she messed up to the point where it couldn't even be fixed hahaha. It took a whole year to grow it back out.


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  12. I love little Zoe <3. Her eyes are so beautiful <3

  13. Kelsey Born says:

    Got annoyed with my baby hairs when I was little so I cut them all off completely but then when they were growing back out they were awkward 1" bangs around my face

  14. My dad always brushed my hair because he worked night shift well he pulled a double at the hospital (he is not a doctor) anyway my mom was not known for her morning patience level which was fine usually she was up done and out while my dad dressed me and did my hair I was about 5 when this double shift thing went on and she was racking through my hair ripping through knots like they didn't exist the I must have slept wrong cuz my frizz ball head created this Mat over night just a snarl like fairies tried to weave a rug with it when I was asleep. I yelped when the brush got stuck she tried for 10minutes I cried for months because after the 10 minutes she cut it out of my head (used to be a hair dresser) it was the mid 80s none of that special detangle stuff! Well she didn't realize how much hair had been in this knot I ended up with a boys hair cut short bangs that went halfway down my forehead not even I mentioned that I have extremely frizzy/curly hair. I rocked the biggest fro a white person can have it grew fast just up and out never down ever just out/up further and further. My dad was livid and my brother who is 9 years older so was probably 16 at the time both hated it were nice to me but hated it! Every single time someone saw me who hadn't the hair yet all asked me What did you do to your hair! Did you put gum in it or something? Were you trying to get bangs what happened to your head. The look when I said my mom cut it was not one I liked so I came up with a that it got trapped in something and got cut off ways to lie Kerri way to Lie! That's my traumatic hair story. I didn't learn at 19 I cut it short again have been too impatient to let it grow then I got an everlasting Migraine and now I shave my head every four months or so because nerves suck and my body hates me!

  15. Please do dance moms fashion!!

  16. Jamie DeLong says:

    When I was little my hair dresser did not ever listen to me so my hair this one time was into a Willy Wonka kind of Johnny Depp hairstyle and my hair is Curly so whenever because she straightened it so whenever I took a shower my hair was probably above my ears

  17. mhoney83 says:

    In grade 9 i dyed my hair a dark plum and got the hairdresser man to shave my baby hairs at the back…omg worst mistake ever. The color took a year to come out before i could color it again.

  18. Ive always had like the same hair just short and curly then I started getting highlights it is such a pain to control curly hair

  19. lo rida says:

    theres a girl I work with..she doesn't dye her hair (which I don't really think qualifies as crazy), but her hair grows super fast so one month shell have a half shaved head, another 2 months later it has like 8 different layers which didn't even blend together, one month she had it down past her ass..all in less than a year. and this is every year lol…..but it always looks good

  20. Hanna Haerum says:

    I decided to cut my own bangs when i was 10. Not so good idea, because I did not take bangs with voleum. I did only cut the peaces that were already hanging out of my ponytail, so I made myself a very spars bang. Wooops…later I camr crying to my mom, begging her to TRY to fix IT hahaha

  21. Drea Too says:

    I had a bob with bangs and my twin had the same hair cut and we looked like Dora

  22. I don't understand I've seen Lily's before on another bad hair video for dirty laundry

  23. Miss Mir says:

    Lol I had lily's hair when I was in middle school to.. But in 6th grade. It was spiky and black in the back, and I had edgy, long red bangs in the front.

  24. Lilly James says:

    Once when I was four at preschool I found a pair of scissors and would cut small pieces off everyday for about a week until my teacher found my hair in the trash can.She immediately new it was mine cause at the time my hair was basically white , and no one had as light of hair as mine!.She called my mom and the next day I got my hair cut to my neck with bangs straight across.Also when I went back to school the teachers were talking to each other crap about me and how I cut my hair when I was right there.I was like "I'm standing right here".

  25. Izzy Xx says:


  26. She looked adorable as a triangle!!!

  27. I currently have a dumb white bleached strip in my dark hair that I can't get rid of

  28. Msggeneric says:

    In fourth grade I got in a fight with my mom because I didn't want to brush my hair at all and she said "if you're not going to brush it I'm going to cut it off" and like the rebellious 10 year old I was when I went to my grandmothers for the week I had her take me to get my hair cut. It was old lady long pixie cut and because my hair is curly it just curled upwards and it was all bad

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