Professional facial cleansing, extraction, massage & mask

A thorough look at a session in a beauty salon – brought to you by

1. Cleansing + double cleansing
2. Exfoliation
3. Steaming
4. Extraction
5. Massage
6. Mask

Produced by: Daria: Beauty Beyond Stereotypes –
Facial salon: The Face Chapter, Singapore

For a full walkthrough, including all the products and techniques used in the process, visit

This video has been sped up 130% to fit youtube’s length requirement.


  1. Amizing service god bless u

  2. Mailk. Sidra says:

    amazing I want this facial

  3. I enjoyed this video. love the smooth technic

  4. MsAKALady says:

    Geezus Christ!! I got next!

  5. Tere Rakiat says:

    One of the best relaxing facial I ever see.

  6. I dont know about putting any kind of cleanser or pre cleanser in or around the clients eyes. Also, the steamer shouldve been faced the other way no? Almost at the angle where shes slightly breathing in the steam. Thats what Ive been taught anyway. Correct me if Im wrong. Would love to improve my technique.

  7. playitlouda says:

    where are the real sounds? hate that music!

  8. Alicia Mn says:

    how the hell she didn't fall asleep

  9. ana gee says:

    beautiful technique nice lymph drainage !

  10. Mary says:

    Music was annoying

  11. Sammy says:

    They'd have a time getting all of my white heads LMAO

  12. Please I would like to know what masks you used? Thanks

  13. Ajay Arora says:

    very nice and beautiful artists

  14. you are supouse to use globes for the extraccion .

  15. I tell all my clients to keep the eyes close .

  16. zoe fofo says:

    that felt good

  17. Aman Soni says:

    my skin is dry and glowless

  18. Aman Soni says:

    wht facial do I use

  19. Gouse ali says:

    why you can't show the product , product name also other wise very nice you done a good job

  20. This is how the background music should be on every massage video. Because everytime I watch these kinds of videos, I wouldn't even have the chance to finish it because I'd been drifted to sleep already because of their smooth background musics. Hahaha

  21. fiji girl says:

    what products were used?

  22. What's the mask used at the end?

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