Prom makeup tutorial 2016 & prom night tips!

Hey everyone! With prom coming up very soon I wanted to include an easy, bright eye look and I also included a couple tips that’ll help you get through your night with no problem! Hope you enjoy xoxo


  1. Robert Welsh says:

    This is so pretty !! I love it!! Xxx

  2. Nana Clarke (nnclarkee) says:

    OMG I LOVED THIS !!! ? Wishing you the best of luck on your journey! I
    have a channel as well, I hope we can grow together :)

  3. Geena Samantha says:

    Great Video – I really Enjoyed it! Thumbs up ?

  4. Pete Tong says:

    please more videos youre such an amazing beauty. glam looks are perfect for
    you, wow

  5. Teddy Makeup says:

    Awww! Such a beautiful video and a beautiful tutorial! subbed <3

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