Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Updated version:
Sorry there were random spots of no audio // had to remove a song via youtube’s audio editor and it turned out so crappy LOL
My room tour:
How I dye/color my hair:
Hair care routine:
Makeup tutorial for this video:
Products used:
Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray – any drugstore
Garnier Fructis Style- Flexible Hold – any drugstore
Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron – Sally’s Beauty Supply or Walmart (some)

Top & Corset underneath – Forever21
Contacts: Nudy Blue

Hair color: John Frieda – Radiant Red 4R- Dark Red Brown –
Snapchat: lilitmac

✉ For business inquiries, email me at

F T C : This video was not sponsored.


  1. violet erin says:

    Ok so she just used the tong as a wand..

  2. Pallabi Ojha says:

    you are so pretty…

  3. mohd ateeq says:

    I just don't like it

  4. what colour is your hair? I LOVE IT

  5. Diana R says:

    your hair is beautiful 😉

  6. August Rain says:

    you're so pretty

  7. Hi there! Please check out the brand new cover thing i have done! I tried my best! Cheers!

  8. what is this song called?

  9. Erin Adams says:

    whats the name of that song on the guitar?

  10. Leannah says:

    So doing this for my
    christmas look… Thank you so much

  11. hi ..What lipstick did you use and where did you buy it?? pls comment back thanks

  12. i thought my speakers got broken

  13. Christina R says:

    What size curling iron is that?

  14. shreya mani says:

    Can you please specify the name of the brand of your curling iron!! It will be a great help!! By the way your hair is looking fabulous♥

  15. Samantha says:

    Love your top!!

  16. Apeksha Rai says:

    LOL.. XD I thought somethings wrong with my headphones….
    Nice tutorial! Thankyou! Loved your hair color, same pinch!!

  17. aina aina says:

    so beautifful her hair, i like it!!!

  18. natalie c says:

    how long do u keep it in the curling iorn

  19. it's so funny , i wanted to curl my hair so i clicked this video (obviously) & everything she has i have (hair products & curling iron) lmaoo

  20. Luckily I can read lips xD

  21. Dat CrazyGal says:

    can you do a hair care routine please . my hair is frizzy and very thin.

  22. Can you add annotations or captions to the muted sections so we know exactly what you're doing/saying? I'd love to try to make curls like these!

  23. Will someone plz check my channel out!!

  24. Yani Te says:

    wah rambutnya bagus ya

  25. this curls are so beautyful. Love it!!!!!!!!

  26. Love your curls! They're beautiful <3

  27. Kirst Damont says:

    You have such lovely hair! I'm using this tutorial 🙂

  28. wonderfull girls

  29. Tomo Suzuki says:

    Can you tell me what product exactly were you using ? is that a hair spray in the green bottle? I couldnt hear the audio properly… thanks. i love this video

  30. Aarifa Zahra says:

    Which Hair spray are you using? I mean I had curled my hair and I curled my strand first and then I did pray that strand. I want my curls shiny but when I had applied the hairspray it made my hair hard. So plz tell me how can I get shiny and soft curls? my hairs are shiny and soft.

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