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Sisley Double Tenseur Primer
Benefit the Porefessional
Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation // 03
Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer // Light-Medium Honey
Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder // Creamy Natural
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact // 4.5
La Mer The Bronzing Powder
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish // Double-Gleam
Alexis Vogel Radiant Powder Blush // Tipsy
MAC Pro Longwear Blush // Rosy Outlook
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush // Rosy Brown
Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette // Dark Matte
MAC Eyeshadow x 15
Ardency Inn Punker Rock On Waterproof Liner

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz // Dark Brown
Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil // Soft Brown

L’Oreal Colour Riche Matte Sharpenable Lip Liner // Mattes It
L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick // Matte-caron
Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Gloss // Rah Rah! Enamoured
Lorac Alter Ego Lip Gloss // It Girl

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  1. I love you Tati! I just think you look better with brighter colors for you bottom lid. Idk usually i like when you wear warm tones it looks really good on you. This time, idk of it the product or the brush or whatever but that shadow made your eyes look tired. You didn't look like yourself, rest of your makeup was beautiful and flawless as usual. Please dont be mad at me, i love you, i just didn't like that color

  2. Alice Gilby says:

    oh my god, everyone being negative and telling her she's changed or looks different or has a different foundation to usual, blah blah blah, you all need to grow up!!! Get over it, she's amazing and spends hours making videos to post 5 times a week for YOU! Everyone changes and so what, thats life! She's amazing so shut up and stop giving her unnecessary crap!

  3. Micha Dawn says:

    I love your eye look prior to the liner. I do not think the liner looks bad.
    Your eyes pop before the liner was applied. Which I think is strange because liner usually brings that punch.
    Your eyes look so big, wide and just so pretty.

  4. Latiii Fa says:

    U look different and great just how

  5. FncyFce says:

    Fabulous as always. Love the look, even with the wonky eyeliner LOL!

  6. Renae says:

    I actually really like her eye makeup in this video – before the eyeliner. I don't get what everyone's freaking out about…

  7. Lay Ariel says:

    My head jolted back when I saw you, took me a second to adjust to the very tan Tati haha

  8. Mree Beauty says:

    I'm so sad at all the negativity in this comment section. Tati tried a new makeup look and she obviously likes it, so let her be happy and rock what she wants instead of dragging her down. There should be no right or wrong way to do makeup, you wear what makes you happy and comfortable. 🙂

  9. Tati you are the one who request for us to leave comments "down below" I don't think you used it correctly this eyeliner is much better then your making it out to be

  10. Thank you so much for reviewing this!!

  11. mommy22 l says:


  12. Heather T says:

    You are stunning❤ ALWAYS

  13. Reesa Rimmer says:

    Most of us can only dream of looking 1/2 as attractive as Tati does whether she is wearing makeup or not!

  14. Serena says:

    Why the heck is everyone hating on Tati's makeup? TATI YOU LOOK HOT! <3 I loooove the smoked out lower lash line and tanner skin!

  15. celicalover1 says:

    Sorry Tati, but you were dragging the applicator more than letting it roll.

  16. There are so many comments about Tati "changing" and the channel "not being the same". What exactly did you expect? Her to stay exactly the same throughout her entire youtube career? If you think that her changing is a bad thing, fine, bye! We'll all be much better off without your negativity. Tati is just evolving in my opinion. She seems to be showing more of herself and I for one love it. And her make up today was fine. I don't get all the hate on it.

  17. Kaia Ruhland says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing this! I trust your opinion and I wanted to know if this actually worked.

  18. taekjin says:

    People are being way too harsh on her! She's allowed to not like a product! Also, people are allowed to start changing everyone does it! Love you, always, Tati! ❤

  19. myrafatima says:

    Please review the face halo!

  20. Monique Bass says:

    From Snapchat ! I like seeing you cuss more, makes you seem more real like relatable ❤️. Also my first thought of your makeup was omg she's so tan ! And it was a different look but didn't think you looked sick or tired.

  21. Josey's page says:

    I don't know why people are freaking out, you completely blanked out the swearing. You look beautiful. And the eye liner was awful. Lol. Like people are so sensitive???? Um okay.

  22. I want to say thank you for be as dedicated as you are. I love coming to your channel and watching your videos. I like that you are honest, I like you being silly and I like how helpful you are. Your true beauty shines inside and out. Screw the haters because the haters are going to hate. You just need to keep going and do what you do best. So again thank you for being a hard working and make this channel in my eyes the channel I come to trust.

  23. Sarai Cobos says:

    I will use this just for the cat eye not all the eye

  24. Joy Williams says:

    I think you are supposed the do one long stroke not short strokes

  25. CrogBear says:

    Omg reading the comment section is exhausting, are you all still in high school? Lmao

  26. I like how Tati has changed and I think there's nothing wrong with her makeup. I think Tati is a lot more relaxed and she seems to be having fun. I feel like she is still her adult, responsible self but now she's letting herself be a little more fun (not saying that before she wasn't). I enjoy watching her a lot more now because I know I'm going to laugh as well as get useful information.

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